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Feb 12, 2007 09:28 AM

Wellesley late on a Sunday night?

I'm planning to give an art song recital at Wellesley College on a Sunday evening in a few weeks. We had our dress rehearsal last night, and I discovered to my chagrin that many of the restaurants that I was hoping to hit were all closed by 10 pm (and this included a rather long detour to Brookline Village -- man was that a pain).

So I was wondering -- does anyone have any suggestions for places near Wellesley College, that serve up decent food (we're talking good but not hideously expensive cf Blue Ginger, OTOH I'm also looking for Chinese a cut above CK Sau's who-needs-Chinese-characters-in-the-menu place in Newton Lower Falls). Chinese would be one strong preference, but we're easy as long as the food's good. And they need to have a reasonable shot at the kitchen still being open at 10 pm on a Sunday night.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Sun. nite in Boston is tough enough, I'm doubtful Wellesley/Brookline have things past 10. Met Club in Chestnut Hill maybe?

    1. are you a small or large group coming from the recital? if larger, perhaps you can call around and convince a place to stay open a bit later?

      1. China Sky in Wellesley, reasonably decent Chinese and also serves sushi is open until 10 pm. They have a nice function room for groups of about 10-15 so if you reserve it they may stay open later. I also bet that PAva in Newton Center (not chinese) would possibly stay open with notice.

        1. You might also look west towards Framingham or Natick. Oga for sushi or Sichuan Gourmet for Chinese, both on Route 9, might be open that late.