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Feb 12, 2007 08:59 AM

Needed: A Few Upscale Places in Barcelona

I need 2 or 3 names of fairly upscale (suitable for business dinners) towards the western side of Barcelona. Near to the Fira Barcelona would be preferable, but is not of that much importance. Price is no object - just interested mostly in good food. Thanks

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  1. There is not much close to the Fira. The best without doubt, and one I have recommend on this board before is Agora at Calle Sepulveda 76 (Tel. 934249709); that is about 3 to 4 blocks from Plaça Espanya. Creative cooking with traditional Spanish ingredients. One of my favourites in Barcelona.

    You have Peixerot on Calle Tarragona and sde Galicia at Calle Lleida both are good for traditional seafood dishes but are somewhat expensive and overated. As for La Clara on Gran Via, they have a great wine-list but am not that impressed with the food.

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      Thanks for the tip and their phone number!

    2. No problem. As I am a regular I like promoting the place.

      1. Maybe someone can help with the geographical locations in proximity to where you are, but here were some of our favorites in Barcelona:

        ABAC -definitely nice and upscale!

        Cinc Sentits -again, just awesome. Smaller than ABAC, but wonderful!

        Moo-Very trendy, inside of the Hotel OMM

        Restaurant Magi Vinya Rosa-smaller, not much to look at, but divine!


        Hope these help.


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          Thanks, Heather. I've read about Moo and Cinc Sentits... will figure out the map!

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            I can second Cinc Sentits—especially if you want a restaurant more on the classic side and less on the young/trendy side (although it's certainly not old and stuffy). Seems very appropriate for an excellent business meal.

          2. Have a great trip and enjoy!

            1. Thanks for all the goo suggestions!!