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Feb 12, 2007 08:58 AM

Good Australian sparkling wine for wedding?

My friend is marrying someone from Australia. They were going to serve Prosecco at the wedding but now are thinking of doing an Australian sprakling in homage to his country of origin. Any suggestions for a good, moderately priced (~$20) sparkling wine from Australia?

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  1. For the price, Banrock Station makes a decent bubbly. I believe it is under $10 and has pretty broad appeal.

    1. I had a great sparkling Shiraz from Australia yesterday. I bought it from the liquor store and it was $15. I believe it was called Shook Creek or something along those lines. It was definitely Australian and a bit unusual as some champagne connoisseurs have never had a "red" sparkling wine! I had red about it in Gourmet or Bon Appetit and glad I finally tried it. Very unusual and would be fun for a wedding I would guess.

      1. Sparkling Shiraz can be good, but to most American palates, it's just "odd." That said, it can be wonderful -- but it needs food.

        Look for Green Point (the export label of the Australian Domaine Chandon -- Moet has wineries in Napa, Australia, Argentiona and Spain).

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          Thanmks. Will let them know re Green Point - sounds promising, as I have been impressed with the other Moets:)

        2. If you are looking for something to replace Champagne, Greg Norman Estates
          Sparkling Chardonnay-Pinot Noir South Eastern Australia NV is good. Yalumba
          makes several sparklers including a fairly nice Brut for about $10.