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Feb 12, 2007 08:57 AM

Your new favorites for our honeymoon dinner?

We moved out of the city a year and a half ago and miss the food more than any other single thing. So dinner in NY is one way we plan to reward ourselves for legalizing our union. Annisa was our special-occasion place in the golden NY years. We loved the low-key elegance of the room, the warm staff, and especially Anita Lo's innovative-but-not-gimmicky cooking. But being away from the city one of the things that pains us is not getting to try new places that we read about on the boards and elsewhere. So, with Annisa as a reference - can those of you blessed with permanent residence recommend someplace brilliant?

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  1. Veritas or Tocqueville may work for you.
    Congrats & good luck!

    1. Eleven Madison Park. Although the room is a big more imposing than Annisa, it is one of the few places that match up foodwise. I, too, am a HUGE fan of Anita Lo, and one of the best tasting menu experiences we have had was at Annisa. Good luck!

      1. Since you moved, there has been a complete change in the cuisine at Eleven Madison Park. So, even if you've been there while you were living here, I urge you to give it serious consideration. Chef Daniel Humm arrived early in 2006, and his French-inspired cuisine is sensational! Service continues to be first-rate. While the space is the antitheses of Annisa's -- that is to say, it's huge -- it is gorgeous.

        Veritas, of course, is also not new, but if you've never been, it's worth considering. Chef Scott Bryan's New American cuisine is not flashy, but it is always filled with wonderful flavor; the wine list is extraordinary; service is excellent; and the attractive, minimalist decor is very soothing.

        We have not been to Tocqueville since they moved to their new, larger location. I've been reluctant because I've read quite a few reports that the food is not as good as it used to be.

        Wherever you decide to celebrate, best wishes to you on your marriage and Bon Appetit!

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          Yes, I neglected to mention that the addition of Chef Humm is what makes EMP a must.

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            kiworan79, Our posts must have overlapped because I did not see yours before I finished typing mine. Yes, EMP is all about Chef Humm's cuisine. In fact, my husband has now taken to calling the restaurant "David Humm's." lol

        2. I agree that the food at Tocqueville is not quite what it was (they seem stretched a bit thin with the new restaurant down the block) but the restaurant is absolutely beautiful and romantic. Also not new, but worth all the hype is per se - room is romantic, service is phenomenal, and I can still taste the caviar and oyster first course!

          1. Thanks for the detailed and thoughtful advice, folks. You've reminded me that one of my most trusted recommenders told me that the best meal she's had in awhile was at 11 Madison Park. So I think we'll give it a try!