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Feb 12, 2007 08:52 AM

[MSP] Restaurant Week?

Is anybody going to be going out for Restaurant Week? I never have, and really don't know anything about it except for the insert that I saw in my New York Times yesterday. Here's a link to some more info:

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  1. Oh my. I hadn't seen anything about this until now. Upon reading this it appears as if each place has a $30 prix fixe menu during this week. Is that correct?

    1. Yes. Check out for reservations, but I think a lot of places are already booked. I made some reservations, but to be honest you have a select menu to choose from and I am sometimes disappointed in the level of service as these restaurants are just cranking people in and out. Worthwhile if you can get reservations, but I wouldn't be too disappointed if I missed it.

      1. I've been eagerly waiting for Resturant Week in MSP, to try a few places : Chambers Kitchen, La Belle Vie and Vincent. My sister loves Restaurant Week in Washington DC, so I'm hoping out own one will measure up. They offer $30 fixed price dinners and $10 (or $20) fixed price lunches in a few places.

        1. Just got back from an excellent Restaurant Week lunch at the Chambers Kitchen. The $20, 3 course menu today was a butternut squash soup (poured tableside), a choice of a blackened chicken, tempura-battered walleye, or a ricotta and arugala ravioli, and dessert was with a creme fresh (I think) cheesecake (it also had a tangerine or orange citrus sorbet on top). Everything was excellent. The only disappointment was how EMPTY the place was -- you'd think with this great promotion, they'd have a full house.

          1. We did dinner at La Belle Vie. The full-on experience isn't within our budgetary reach at the moment and so this seemed like a nice way to at least get a morsel.

            There was a pheasant consomme with foie gras "ravioli" and a poached quail egg. Truffles were involved, too.
            There was a sauteed skate with beets and olives. Andrew Zimmern mentioned it at his blog.
            There was a veal tenderloin with something something something oxtail. It got a little wordy.

            It was all impressive and tasty, though I have to admit I'm not a fan of poached egg no matter what bird it's from.

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              Ugh, I gave up my reservation at La Belle Vie last night because work was crazy. I LOVE poached eggs and foie gras, and truffles too? Man, that sounds like my dream dish.