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Feb 12, 2007 08:42 AM

Chinese New Year Dinner East Bay Recs Needed

Need recommendation in the East Bay for Chinese New Year. I've considered Peony and Legendary Palace, but I was hoping for something other than the two. Thanks ahead.

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  1. Good luck if you haven't made reservations already for this weekend.

    This year we're going to East Ocean in Alameda. Past couple of years it's been Gourmet Delight and Peony.

    1. I saw this post right before going to lunch at Daimo. They have 2 CNY dinners listed:

      $328 for 10
      Combination BBQ Platter
      Black weed Stir-fried with dry oyster
      Honey Walnut Prawns
      Braised Shark Fin w/ crabmeat
      Roasted Squab (2)
      Crabs (2) in ginger and scallion
      Chinese mushroom, Fish Maw over seasonal green
      Steam live black bass w/ ginger & scallion
      Yeung Chow fried rice

      $188 for 6
      Combination BBQ Platter
      Black weed Stir-fried with dry oyster
      Stir-fried scallops & prawns
      Chicken w/ Shark Fin soup
      Empress Chicken (W)
      Mushroom/Mustard Gr w/ sea cucumber
      Deep Fried (actually, the flyer says Deep Fired) sea bass w/ salt & pepper
      Yeung Chow fried rice

      Daimo Chinese Restaurant
      (510) 527-3888
      3288 Pierce St
      Richmond, CA

      1. I too was looking for CNY dinner too. But I had a better offer of a home cooked meal for CNY so it was a offer I could not refuse, but here is one of my results from the east bay.

        HAPPY FAMILY DINNER for 10
        Combination BBQ Meats Platter
        Honey Walnut Prawn
        Sautéed Shredded Beef W/ Mixed Mushrooms
        House Special Shark’s Fin Soup
        Black Mushroom & Sea Cucumber With Tender Green
        Sautéed Crabs With Sprinkled Garlic
        Deep Fried Whole Crispy Chicken
        Steamed Live Fish
        E-Fu Noodle With Chives
        $288 Per Table

        Asian Peral
        in the shopping center with 99Ranch
        3288 Pierce St

        Side bar cute picture wish I had one as cute, but my Father was not sure if I would break his carmera.