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Feb 12, 2007 08:25 AM

La Roca in Nogales

Does anyone have experience with La Roca? From what I've read it's *the* fine dining experience in Nogales, but I'm interested to hear your opinions. Their website is pretty and flashy, but doesn't offer prices. What does dinner run there?

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  1. We make La Roca a must every time we are down in So. AZ....and cross the border.

    The prices are what you would find @ a moderate American restaurant $15-25 for entrees.
    We always start w/ the La Roca Cheese.

    We have had the Guacamole prepared tableside....the Garlic Shrimp and the Steak Tampiquena. Everything is served by waiters in tuxedos....

    The restaurant is beautiful...John Wayne used to have a private dining room here when he would be shooting his westerns in So. AZ.....

    Don't miss it even if you go for appetizers and freshly made is wonderful!

    1. La Roca is one of my favorites.I wouldn't call their menu expensive.You should be able to have a great dinner in the $10 to $25 per person range depending on what you order.(not counting cocktails)There is a wide range of prices on the menu.I think their lunch menu and dinner menu are the same.
      The wait staff is excellent,all speak English and are very professional.
      Dress is mostly casual due to all the tourists that frequent La Roca.
      They have great Margaritas and guacamole.Try the "mochomos" which is deep fried shredded beef.I've never been dissappointed with a meal there.

      1. I'm curious about the current status of La Roca. Anyone know?

        When I lived in Tucson, I got down to La Roca about once a month (and to La Cava, too, in the old days before it burned).

        On I-10 road trips across the Southwest, I still often detour down to Nogales to have that wonderful Chicken Mole at La Roca.

        But now I'm wondering, is it still open? Is it safe? Is it good?

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          I'm curious too. Things have gotten pretty rough in that general area and I have heard business has fallen off due to the drug violence scaring tourists away.