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Feb 12, 2007 08:23 AM

La Maison du Couscous

I live in the neighborhood and am finally planning to visit La Maison this week. I've seen the website and I've read the Chowhound threads but none are very recent. I am hoping someone has been there lately and can make some recommendations.

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  1. Make it out to Bay Ridge every once in a while for this place or several others and here I would say go for one of the delicious Tagines. It is likely that the proprietor will steer you in the direction he wants, but that's not such a bad thing if you need some guidance. He'll treat you right!

    1. We have had some delicious Moroccan fare at this restaurant.

      The only annoying thing is the proprietor. Very pushy and intrusive.

      The Tagines are great!

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        he is a bit pushy, bordering on looney, but i don't mind. last time I was there (in a group of 6) he had every one of us changing our orders, and we all loved what we ended up with. i think it's mostly based on his knowing what's fresh in the kitchen that day. it's not like he totally puts the screws to you -- you CAN order what you want -- but we ended up with a lot of very excellent fish dishes because they obviously had good fresh fish in the kitchen.
        he's also very accommodating about BYOB

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          Thanks to all, I can't wait to meet this gentleman.

      2. last time i ate at this place was over the summer, and i could not agree more with fleur and jen's comments about the pushy (but ultimately helpful) owner and the delicious food. all of the tagines we sampled here were great.

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          how does it compare to Fez in Windsor Terrace? I havent made it over there yet.
          I thought Maison was good but not great but its been a couple of years.

        2. Well, we trudged through the snow to La Maison last night (ok, it was only two blocks). I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. The proprietor was very attentive (I wouldn't say pushy) when we first arrived. After the restaurant quickly filled up, he didn't have much time for chatting, but it was clear that he wanted everyone to enjoy their time in his establishment.
          The harissa was delicious, as was the cucumber and tomato salad. There wasn't much difference between the chicken briwats and the chicken bastilla, although both were good. The briwats looked more like a cigar than the phyllo triangles described on the menu. We also had tagine, also good. I generally do not add sugar to my coffee or my tea, but the mint tea was delicious and perfectly sweetened. I could have sipped it all night.
          Admittedly, I don't have much experience at all with Moroccan food. Keeping in mind that I have no basis for comparison, the food was very good. I would not place La Maison at the absolute top of my list but the food, service, and atmosphere were very good and I will return.

          1. These posts have convinced me to try again. We really enjoyed the food. I love the mint tea. Very different from the mint tea from a tea bag, this is and infusion of fresh mint. In Paris they serve it with a sprinkle of Orange flower Water and a few Pine nuts.