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Feb 12, 2007 08:11 AM

Peppadews: Where to purchase?

I just tried peppadews last night and can't wait to have more! Does anyone know where to purchase them in Manhattan, preferably below 14th st, east side?


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  1. I've recently discovered them myself and they're great, especially in antipasta.

    Try the Whole Foods at Union Sq. I've found them at the one at Columbus Circle (at the olive bar)...but they're only there half the time.

    Fairway also has them, but that may be a bit far.

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    1. re: ultbil

      Yes, the WF Union Sq had them. Thanks so much! I can't believe I hadn't noticed them before.

    2. Jefferson Market has them sporadically. Look near the bacons because the staff may not know they are called peppadews.

      Zabar's has them though it's UWS.

      I think I've seen them at Garden of Eden too.

      Try them in an omelette with sausage.

      1. Zabars on W. 80th and Broadway also has them. I only discovered them a few months ago and love them too!