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Feb 12, 2007 08:09 AM

Great, healthy, freezable, (mostly) vegetarian meals

A friend is coming home from the hospital tonight. I want to bring her some meals she can have ready in the freezer. She eats very well normally - all veg except for fin-fish (a combo of partial vegetarianism and partial kosher). I'm looking for some healthful, vegetable-heavy meals, not too fatty or rich, that will freeze nicely. I have some ideas; obviously, I can make a lot of different soups. But I'm having a hard time thinking of other entrees that both freeze well and aren't very rich - no veg lasagna or sweet potato casserole or stuffed baked potatoes. She's finding eating difficult, so appealing food is a must.

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  1. Pasta dishes freeze well. I get a lot of stuff from cooking light so I can't post the recipe, but the have a section called inspired vegetarian that sounds like it would be up your alley and all of their recipes code for freezability. Here's one I had in mind.

    Ziti Baked with Spinach, Tomatoes, and Smoked Gouda
    March 2004

    The smoked cheese makes all the difference, but you can substitute smoked mozerella if you can't find the gouda.

    1. How about an Indian dal (lentil curry)?

      Brown rice and veggie casserole.

      Pre-cooked and portioned grilled salmon or halibut, with diced sweet potatoes and broccoli on the side (you could flash freeze everything before combining).

      Quinoa with grilled veggies and feta cheese.

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        Indian dals and other foods have generally frozen/reheated well for me, so I second that recommendation. I've cooked and frozen not just dals, but most bean dishes, as well as some bengan bartha type eggplant dishes. Plus, they tend to be lower in fat then a lot of casserole type things.

        Another nice thing that I do for myself (and you could do for your friend) is to cook some dried chickpeas and blackbeans and freeze them away. I find the ones I cook so much more flavorful then the canned (even the 'good' canned ones), and easy to add into a dish for some protein/flavor/texture (e.g. while pasta is boiling, microwave to defrost chickpeas that I cooked with some parmesan rinds and have a really GREAT taste, throw chickpeas in with pasta and maybe some steamed broccoli or spinach, top with a bit of grated parmesan).

        Good luck, and sorry to hear about your friend.

      2. Check out this photoset from a very creative vegetarian Flickrite:

        Delicious photos and great recipes.

        1. what about lentil soup? i've been making a recipe out of America's Test Kitchen's cookbook and it's really good. the only thing is, it has bacon in it. you can probably eliminate that and it will be fine.

          1. What about this veggie "meat"loaf? I haven't tried it, but it looked really good when Giada made it and it would definitely not be your average vegetarian meal. Also, what about veggie burger patties? I would think those would be easy to freeze and she could take one out at a time. I don't have a recipe I like, unfortunately, but maybe someone else does.