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Feb 12, 2007 07:56 AM

Recent Trip to St. Augustine/Flagler Beach

Stayed in Flagler last weekend and found some great and not so great local places near the beach.
The best and newest was Flagler Fish Company. Best lobster bisque I've ever had. Its a fish market and the chef and staff know thier stuff. We went with a 3 month old baby around 2:30 and it was quite busy. I had fish tacos and they were fresh, flavorful and filling.

Manny's (A-1a in Flagler) for breakfast. Great atmosphere w/ lots of locals. My french toast was mediocre, and the bacon chewy, but hubby's greek omlette was good.

Blue (in Topaz hotel) . The seafood dishes were fresh and good, the soup and apps great, and the service friendly if not perfect. Good wine list. We thought it was a bit over-priced, but if you get a view of A1A and the ocean it was worth it.

Beachcomber- (St. Augustine Beach) - our favorite place for breakfast... amazing pancakes.They stop serving breakfast at 10:30 so go early.

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  1. We loved Raintree, A1A Alehouse, Gypsy Cab Company, there's an English pub out on U.S. 1 that people we've taken there say is so authentic they can't believe it.

    1. I recently returned from St. Augustine, today as a matter of fact. Here's a small report:

      Opus 39- A great dining experience. Very good service, exceptional 5 course tasting menu. We added the cheese course as well, a point reyes party in your mouth! Nice collection of small boutique wines. In NY or Chicago you would pay around $85+ per person for the meal this place creates. A homerun!

      Mango Mangos- A fun place on the beach, nice caribbean inspired menu. A perfect place for a meal as you come off the beach. Try the Jerk Pork sandwich, a cuban style tasty suprise.

      Raintree- Nice place for dessert.

      Sonny's- I know I'll get bashed here for this one, but it is really an enjoyable and a great value for BBQ. Sliced pork is outstanding.

      Creekside- Always a favorite, good southern comfort food.

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        I'm glad you enjoyed Opus 39. I think it's the best restaurant in northeast Florida - and a contender for best in the state. Robyn

        1. re: LIfoodie

          No bashing from me about Sonny's. Of the local BBQ joints I like them the best. Can't get enough of thier sweet sauce (I am from St. Louis where sweet BBQ sauce is king).

          We have also been to Raintree and truly enjoyed our experience. Dessert, in particular, is outstanding.

          One other place you might want to try sometime soon is A1A Brewery. We have been going there for years and love the food and atmosphere. If its a nice day, try to get a seat on the balcony overlooking the bay and Bridge of Lions. Try the Jerk Shrimp Scampi, YUM!!!