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Feb 12, 2007 07:37 AM

Reston/Herndon/Sterling Chinese?

Fortune (North Point Reston) has gone out of business. Leaving aside that we've lost our base for an occasional dim sum treat, we have been totally unsuccessful in finding a place for our family's Sunday-night takeout run. For three weeks running we've tried different Chinese places in the area, and been underwhelmed by each.

Anybody have a fave? Bonus points if they don't hold back the heat in the Szechwan dishes.

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  1. Try Mama Wok in Reston (http://www.mamawokva.com/). I went there once and I enjoyed it.

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      Is Mama Wok fairly authentic Chinese food? All the other restaurants listed in this thread seem to be Chinese-American style.

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        We've been to MaMa Wok twice now due to recommendations on this board. In addition to the typical Chinese menu, they have a "Special Chinese Menu" which has more authentic Chinese dishes. We've gotten to like the Sauteed Bok Choy from the special menu and last time tried shredded pork with dried bean curd from that same menu. We enjoyed it--I told the waitress that in some ways, it reminded me of moo shi pork. She agreed and said that she thought it would work well if served with pancakes. Take a look at their website listed by rcheng above. You will see what is on all their menus.

    2. when i lived in herndon i always enjoyed Charlie Chang's which is over by the toll road in the worldgate shopping center. they have a mongolian grill and a buffet, as well as a full menu. My husband loved the grill, we were not wild about the buffet, but I always enjoyed the menu items. there is also a CC in Reston, which I do NOT recommend. I tried them a few times when i worked in the same building, and the food is not the same quality as their sister restaurant.

      1. Moved from Herndon to Sterling this summer and now we have the dilemma of finding good take out/delivery chinese. We miss our fave Chopsticks (Sunset Park commercial area) that offered chinese and sushi in one place. Been to Cheng's (Regal Plaza) twice and they're pretty good for sit down only.

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          I second Chopsticks. Missed it when I moved to South Riding!

        2. Chinese isn't a strong northern Va. cuisine. Mama Wok in Reston is fine in a pinch, and they deliver. We use them a lot, and everything is relatively fresh (but, strange, they've left the peanuts off the gongbao jiding TWICE in the past three months or so). AND they offer brown rice and passable sushi. And yes, they have a "Chinese-style" menu that you should order from - the Chinese-style dishes seem significantly better than the guailo versions. You should also try Cheng's in Sterling, which reminds me of a big old Hong Kong joint. They serve ample quantities of well-prepared familiar favorites. And Cheng's unfailingly gets all the big old-school celebratory platters - e.g., Beijing Duck and Crispy Whole Fish - done in high style. Neither Cheng's nor Mama Wok will season your dishes very powerfully, but if you tell them "bu pa la" (I'm not afraid of hot) when you order, they'll compliment you on your Chinese and then light you up.