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Feb 12, 2007 07:21 AM

Baked Penne with Broccoli?

I've got a main dish to bring to a vegetarian potluck and I'd like to do some sort of baked penne with broccoli. I've got a lot of great broccoli from my CSA and I was thinking of something with cream or cheese rather than a red sauce, maybe pine nuts, maybe mushrooms, maybe bread crumbs. If anyone has a great recipe along these lines I'd be most appreciative.

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  1. If your friends are total vegetarians (or lacto-vegetarians) they'll have problems with the cheese or the cream sauce. You might have to go with some vegetables that can take a tomato based sauce, rather than the brocolli. I love in with either cheese or cream sauce, but I'm not a vegan!.

    1. Hi there. I've seen a few threads on this recently that might help:

      And here is my cut/pasted contribution (re broccoli) that fits your criteria--I love this dish, my mom's broccoli and pasta...and no cream, so you should be good to go:

      Broccoli and Pasta
      Steam broccoli and cook pasta separately, saving a little of the pasta water to add back later. Saute garlic in oil, but don't let it brown. Then pour broccoli into the garlic/oil and toss. Add a dash of salt and the pasta water, sprinkle with your favorite grated cheese (we like Romano). Oh, and a hunk of butter. "Butter makes it better!" as my mom always says--this is her recipe. Easy, tasty and sometimes even better the next day once all the flavors meld together.