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Feb 12, 2007 07:10 AM

Good news about Tre Scalini (Philly)

Tre Scalini as moved - it's at 1915 Passyunk Ave. - and it's as good as ever. I should mention that it's been one of our favorite places for years.

The downstairs is larger; they do have an upstairs, but it's reserved for private parties.
It's a little noisier now, but that may have been because there were two large parties sitting near us. The place was very busy, but we still had good service.

Our Caesar salad appetizers were as good as ever. Not huge, but with the taste that I want from a Caesar salad. Our friends split the polenta with broccoli rabe, another favorite. (They have eliminated the bruschetta that they used to serve, and the bread is now in the form of very good rolls.)

I had a pasta entree: angel hair pasta with crabmeat, garlic and oil - delicious! My husband and one friend were ecstatic about their homemade black pappardelle with shrimp and crabmeat. Our other friend had the veal chop and loved it. Tre Scalini does veal chops and veal filets (the nice thick ones) as well as anyplace we know - juicy, tender and delicious.

The desserts are limited currently; no gelato, though they did have sorbets. We shared a couple of tartuffos.

They have added some pleasant and efficient new people to the wait staff (unless they have been there and we just haven't seen them before.)

The four of us had a wonderful dinner and are glad we can keep Tre Scalini in our "BYOB favorites" rotation.

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  1. Thank you for your usual thorough review. It is really appreciated. I have been thinking of going there but wanted to wait to hear how they were doing in the new location. Again, your time on this board is appreciated more than you know.

    1. I've been thinking of heading to Tre Scalini. We have one full vegetarian in our dining party, will she find something to eat?

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        They do a lot with mushrooms - if she likes mushrooms. The polenta with broccoli rabe is very good, and there is a great pasta with three kinds of mushrooms.
        She could also get the pappardelle or the angel hair pasta - or another one - without the seafood, just with garlic and oil - good stuff! (Or a red sauce, if she prefers.)
        There are a few salads that would work - one of them is the one with fennel and grapefruit or orange slices and a citrus vinagrette that is very good.
        I think she'll be okay.

      2. Any worthwhile fish dishes to sample at Tre Scalini? This is one of my parents favorite restaurants and I want to take them there for their anniversary... I love the branzino and soel at Raddichio and was curious if Tre Scalini had any dishes that were similar or better... any information is much appreciated.

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        1. re: jandrewmanne

          They have fish dishes, but I can't vouch for them since I always seem to end up with pasta or veal. Last night's special was branzino. They also had tuna and I think one other fish. The seafood was very good, but I don't remember any dish that was seafood alone. My husband's pasta had big, gorgeous shrimp and large chunks of crabmeat, and my pasta had crabmeat.
          The fish at Radicchio is my favorite, and so far no other place has quite matched it, though I have had excellent fish at Estia.