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Feb 12, 2007 07:03 AM

Best Dried Chiles in New Haven Area?

I'm looking for a good source for dried chiles (e.g. ancho, pasilla, guajillo, etc.). I've tried the ones at C-Town in Fair Haven, and haven't been terribly excited with their quality. Can anyone recommend a good chile source in the New Haven Area? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Try Chico's Market, way out Chapel St. by Ferry St..

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    1. re: chefstu

      I'm not finding this place via Google. Is it still there and does it still have a good selection of dried chiles? How about fresh poblanos? All I tend to find is wrinkly, old, dried out ones (in Gringo land).

      1. re: Scargod

        I'll do a drive by today and check it out. If not I've also bought dried chili's of good quality on Grand Ave. in Fair Haven before C-Town at the Mexican markets.

        1. re: chefstu

          I have seen a nice selction at #1 Market on Ella T Grasso Blvd in New Haven.

          1. re: mmalmad

            Near there, about a quarter mile from 122, on Boston Post Road, is Taqueria Mexicana, #2 (there's one in Wallingford, CT). A real find was a large assortment of dried peppers, from Mexico! Also sells a few groceries. Jarritos and beer. Mexican cheese.
            The food is quite good, if you haven't tried it! There was only one person cooking, waitressing and selling goods (yesterday), so service was very slow, but it's worth the wait. Has an amazing selection of the best authentic (soft) tacos, tortas and tamales that you can find. They have tacos al pastor, cactus (nopales) and lingua. A no-frills place that is easy to miss. On S. side of street. The menu is not entirely in Spanish but the cook/waitress spoke only Spanish....
            702 Boston Post Road
            West Haven, CT 06516
            (203) 931-8534

          2. re: chefstu

            I bought some really fresh poblanos in C-Town and they have quite a selection of Mexican ingredients, including many dried peppers (in two locations in the store), chorizo and cheeses. I just need to improve my Spanish so I can get better help! Know how ethnicities get stereotyped?
            I kept asking for chorizo and (being a gringo), was taken to the salami and assured it was the chorizo!

          3. re: Scargod

            I went by Chico's market, still open at the corner of Ferry and Chapel.

            1. re: chefstu

              Oh boy! I'm going into town today....

        2. We need a good spice shop in this town! I wait until I'm up in Boston and then go to Christina's in Cambridge: good selection of chilies and ice cream shop next door!