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Feb 12, 2007 06:52 AM

Meal with great views of D.F.

I'll be in Mexico City in a few days and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of restaurants with nice views of the city. I have been to the Hotel Majestic in the Zocalo area and love the view, are there any others?

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  1. I think the Habita (hotel) has a roof top bar/restaurant

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        Ave. President Masaryk 201
        Colonia Polanco

        It's pretty upscale/trendy

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          And pretty close to Patricia Quintana's Izote, where you'll have a fabulous midday dinner or late supper.

    1. Habitá upstairs doesn't have much in the way of food, it's more of a place for drinks. The restaurant is on the ground floor. In the Centro Histórico, try La Casa de Las Sirenas. It's behind the Cathedral.

      1. Also in the Zocolo are the Holiday Inn (on the same side as the Majestic) and the Gran which have fabulous views. Las Sirenas is nice, you see the back of the Cathedral and a bit of the Zocolo.
        For a fantastic (and scary!) view of DF go to the Pan American Building. It's the tallest building in the city.

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          Actually the Torre Mayor is the tallest in the city:

          BTW, there is a rotating Italian restaurant at the top of the WTC building, at the Independence Column roundabout.

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            The rotating restaurant at the top of the WTC building is called "Bellini." The address of the WTC is Avenida de las Naciones 1, and the restaurant is on the 45th floor The phone number is 55/5628-8305.

            I am always skeptical of rotating restaurants, as that is so often the gimmick that gets one to pay too much for food that is of the quality found on airplanes. Yet I must say that I was very impressed by Bellini. The experience seemed very old school to me, with very attentive waiters in formal uniforms serving dishes like strawberries jubilee. While it was not the best food I've had in my life, it was a 7.5 out of 10 (with 10 being a solid religious experience), and it's by far the best food I've had in a rotating restaurant. Of course, the view is absolutely amazing. I'm attaching a photo taken during daylight hours because it's easier to get an idea of the view, but the place becomes absolutely magical after the sun goes down.

            One last bit: the name is a little misleading perhaps, as most of their dishes are more international and Mexican, not just Italian.