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Feb 12, 2007 06:31 AM

any ideas for a truly unique experiance for eats in NYC?

my hubbs b day is this thursday... i am still trying to find a "unforgetable" plage to eat, a truly unique experiance... anywhere in NYC... and ideas? thanx

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  1. What about Pazzia Osteria...on the Queensway across from Costo...excellent food 2 brothers run it...could accomdate your size party...but that's it...Franco and Vittorio are great hosts/chefs...I ate lunch there last week and it was delicious...416-252-1566...Miranda

    1. At this late date it'd be hard to find a higher-end restaurant that would have a table open, especially in the "unforgettable" category. But there's always cancellations, or space open in a bar area.

      The view from the River Cafe qualifies as "unforgettable" and the food is good, too....a nice dining experience, overall. I've always enjoyed Gramercy Tavern and Union Square Cafe, solid food and service, although their status as "unforgettable" level is questionable. Eleven Madison Park is always a solid choice. There's been mixed responses on this Board to places like Danny Meyer's restaurant in MOMA. Haven't been to Alto in midtown, but what I've heard is positive.

      At this point, you may need to downscale to "very good" from "unforgettable" and in the future, try to book farther in advance, about a month ahead of time. Good luck in finding someplace good.

      BTW, Miranda's posting seems to have migrated from Ontario/Toronto to nyc....

      1. How about the River Room in Harlem? They are right on the Hudson and I hear the food is pretty good. They have a website with pictures if you want to check it out. They were formerly Earl Monroe's. If you drive they have valet parking as well.

        1. WD-50. You cant get more unique than that

          1. Sapori d"Ischia is kind of interesting. The tables are set amidst the shelves of Italian foods that they sell during the day when the wholesale arm is open. Sometimes they have music. In Woodside, off Northern Blvd. 718-446-1500.