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are there any of those resturants that cook the food at the table?

i am at such a loss for the name of any place or the type of resturant it is... I want to go to one of those resturants where they prepare your food on the hot plate in front of you... anyone have ANY idea what they are called or where there might be one... thanx a million

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  1. Benehana is the cheesy version or Yakinuku where you cook it yourself.

      1. Most Korean restaurants cook at the table for Korean bbq grilling (Kum Gang San on 32nd and Broadway is the best, in my opinion).

        Woo Lae Oak is not as authentic. More fancy and better atmosphere.

        1. At most Korean BBQ and Shabu Shabu places you cook your own food at your table. If you want the restaurant to cook for you at your table the only place I can think of is Benehana.

          1. Blah to both Bad Lie Oak and Crappihana.

            I think I heard it might have closed but Ghiambelli's (sic) on 50th used to cook a lot of the pastas table side

            1. I think you are talking about habachi restaurants and Benihana is the only in the city that I know of, but I believe there are 2 (east side and west side)

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                "Hibachi" is on a grill, over coals. What Benihana does is Teppanyaki, which is cooking in oil on a griddle. And in my opinion is not worth the money to watch some guy juggling with his knives as he ruins perfectly good meat and seafood on a greased griddle.

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                  I never said they are good, I just said they exist. Interesting, though, on the teppanyaki. I was not aware of that.

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                    The misnomer is so pervasive that in the Philadelphia area there is a regional Teppanyaki/sushi chain that is actually called Hibachi!

                    I don't know of any in NYC, but I have been to small unaffiliated teppanyaki restaurants that have good food and are inexpensive and a lot of fun.

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                  There are two Benihana locations in NYC? God, who knew? I am very thankful that I have never experienced them. My suburban NJ experiences throughout high school were way more than enough, thank you very much. Forced back recently by my baby sister who actually likes the stuff, I was shocked at the badness (grease, butter, soy sauce does not equal flavor).

                  If you want to cook at the table, definitely go for korean barbeque or shabu shabu. If you want performance, this is a great recent thread: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/366640

                3. valentine go to YAKINIKU mentioned above. its in the east village on e9th st.

                  when you look over the menu just pick a set menu choice. you can always get more later.

                  btw -- wear good socks its japanese and you take off the shoes -- also fyi the seats are recessed below the table & you grill your food in front of you as you want to. staff will help you.

                  i love it, its fresh, healthy food and i think it is a lot of fun. great date place too.

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                    thank you so much for adding the street location, i had called and made reservations at the other Yakiniku place which apparently only has sushi (which my husband and i do NOT eat) lol... thank you for adding location... i would have ben so SOL!!

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                      ah glad to help. would you please report back afterward?

                  2. Il Nido on East 53rd Street Tradional carbonara and various dishes cooked tableside
                    Expensive and worth it!

                    1. even better. gayu kaku near cooper union downtown. cook your own. the food is very tasty. a lot of different beef options et. al. it is no benihana. i was dragged there 5-6 years ago. it sucked!

                      1. If you're looking for Korean BBQs, Korea Town is filled with them. I suggest Kum Gang Sun or Seoul Garden. Authentic Japanese grills populate e9th and about 3rd.