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Feb 12, 2007 06:27 AM

are there any of those resturants that cook the food at the table?

i am at such a loss for the name of any place or the type of resturant it is... I want to go to one of those resturants where they prepare your food on the hot plate in front of you... anyone have ANY idea what they are called or where there might be one... thanx a million

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  1. Benehana is the cheesy version or Yakinuku where you cook it yourself.

      1. Most Korean restaurants cook at the table for Korean bbq grilling (Kum Gang San on 32nd and Broadway is the best, in my opinion).

        Woo Lae Oak is not as authentic. More fancy and better atmosphere.

        1. At most Korean BBQ and Shabu Shabu places you cook your own food at your table. If you want the restaurant to cook for you at your table the only place I can think of is Benehana.

          1. Blah to both Bad Lie Oak and Crappihana.

            I think I heard it might have closed but Ghiambelli's (sic) on 50th used to cook a lot of the pastas table side