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Feb 12, 2007 06:14 AM

Falafel Sandwiches on Mac Dougal

there are so many--which one is your favorite chowhounds??

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  1. Very subjective, you can try them all one afternoon for about $10 total and decide for yourself. Just eat half of each and walk to the next. I did it one warm afternoon & stick to me favorite place now.

    1. which is your favorite catzeem??

      1. Ali-Baba across from Mahmouns (sp?). It's not amazing but I worked 5 blocks away and got to know the guy there. He would always make fresh falafel for me and that's the all the difference. Plus there was never a line like Mahmouns.

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          thanks--the Mamoun's on St. Mark's makes the falafel fresh every time I have ordered it and it really makes a difference--I ate a falafel on Mac Dougal which was pretty good but the falafel balls were dry inside-(probably refried and not so fresh)can't remember the name of the place tho-

          1. mamouns fallafel and a coke! i've been doing it since college