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Feb 12, 2007 06:06 AM

Keeping Feta Fresh

Help! I just bought some fresh feta and am not sure how to keep it fresh. Currently, it's in water - do I keep it in water? Change the water daily? Thanks.

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  1. Often feta is packed in brine/salty water and there is nothing special you need to do to keep it fresh; it will last a long time. Is yours just in plain water?

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      I'm not sure, really. It's in a little plastic container and I haven't opened it yet - I assume, though that it's brine/salty walter. Thanks.

    2. I've had the same problem. I buy feta in fairly large tubs and as I use it, the level of liquid goes down - which leaves some of the cheese exposed. I believe it is packed in natural brine. Usually, I'll just make up some salt/water mixture and add to the container - and after a while if it starts to look funky I'll just replace it altogether. It seems to do the trick.

      1. What do you do feta that has been packed in plastic wrap, as they unfortunately do at the place where I usually get cheese?

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          I've vacuum sealed feta cheese in a jar with a FoodSaver and used it over the course of a year (I bought 3lbs at Costco) and it seemed fine.

        2. It's probably packed in brine. That will keep the feta fresh, wet, and salty. No need to change the brine. It will keep forever, it's so salty.

          If you find your feta is too salty, however, you can dump the brine and soak the hunk of cheese in milk or water. That will help draw out some of the salt.

          Regarding the stuff wrapped in can make some brine of your own to soak it in but no guarantees as to whether it will fall apart or not. The grocery store stuff generally lacks flavor so soaking it in milk/salt might actually help improve the flavour. I highly recommend going someplace where you can taste the various fetas, choose your favorite, and take it home with brine. French feta is out of this world. Way creamier than the Greek, and less bitter. I also like the Bulgarian feta, which is a little more on the salty side. The plastic-wrapped stuff is no comparison.

          1. Redhilll farms goat feta is delicious. I store it in brine, once I take it out of the plastic wrap.