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Feb 12, 2007 05:18 AM

Extended Winterlicous??


I was wondering if any restaurants had extended their winterlicious menus.

Much appreciated .


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  1. Thuet until the end of the month.
    Rumour only, you'd need to call and check.

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    1. re: Mila

      Yes, it's true! I was so happy when I found out... My friends and I made reservations for the 23rd, but that was made 2 weeks ago so I'm not sure what availability is like now.

      1. re: Mila

        Thuet has offered an absolutely horrible experience for everybody who have gone during Winterlicious that I've spoken to. I've never been so disgusted with a restaurant in my life.

        1. re: Kasumeat

          We did Thuet last Summerlicious and had an overall good experience. The server was a little slower than we would have liked as it appeared she was spending a little more time with non-'licious diners (maybe regulars?) and one couple that worked in the same field as her non-waitress job. The food was good though we thought one or two 'licious restaurants we went to that past week were better. It certainly wasn't the worst 'licous (or plain dining) experience we've ever had.

          Thuet did come out at one point to sit at the bar. My dinner companion hemmed and hawwed over saying "Hi!" (they shared fellow workers at Rosewater) and then finally decided to go over there. After parting company, he was nice to offer a little something after our dinners and we decided on a couple of glasses of late harvest wine.

          1. re: Kasumeat

            Agreed. The biggest disconnect I've ever seen between a restaurant's reputation and it's -licious performance. A small portion of mediocre food -- we left hungry and pissed off.

        2. Foccacia also says on their message they've extended it to the end of the month.

            1. Check out this site for other restaurants having prix-fixe menus.

              1. City of Toronto has officially extended Winterlicious until February 28th. So don't worry on who extended, just go. They've all been given the go ahead.

                I'm off to Mildred's Temple Kitchen

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                1. re: sweatersister

                  I am wondering who is staying on the list, it just means I can try a few more places I have not been.