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Feb 12, 2007 04:12 AM

Caterina - Asheville - not impressed

It's been a while since we've eaten here after 2 less than stellar meals and being "forgotten" by wait staff who were more interested in chatting with friends. While it is nice to see that the latter problem has changed, at least on a slow night, the former has not.
One of our entrees was prime rib which was basically just a big slab of meat that was brought out bone-in and uncut. We were asked if we wanted the chef to carve it and replied in the affirmative and it was returned in the same dish cut in thick pieces. Very little taste. The pasta we had was bland and flavorless and was in desperate need of at least salt if not other herbs and seasoning. The salad was drenched in oil, so much so that when we took a bite there was oil all over the table leaking from the fork. It was tasteless as well. It seemed like the dressing was just oil, if there was lemon juice or vinegar it was not noticeable.
This restaurant used to be so great when it was downtown on Pack Square and it is sad that the quality did not travel when the restaurant was moved.

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  1. Thanks for the warning.

    Asheville seems to be cursed when it comes to Italian food.

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      Rezaz is our best thing going for Mediteranian.

    2. We first ate their (at the new location) about two years ago during an aids fund raiser week and had an excellent meal. the menu offered an abundance of fresh and regional foods. We went back four months ago and had the meal you described above, pretty generic menu with just so so food and a wait staff that was attentive until the main course and then couldn't of cared less about us.

      1. It's really sad about Catarina....I too used to really appreciate the Pack Square establishment. I went to the new location once...and was very disappointed with the feel and the food. It was simply not the same.