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Feb 12, 2007 03:54 AM

NYC Chound wondering - Scotts, Sheekey or somewhere else? (London)

Hi - I'm an NYC Chound looking for a restaurant for a business dinner in London later this week for a friend. Had heard that Scott's in Mayfair had been redone, and enjoyed a wonderful lunch at Sheekey a couple of years ago. She's looking for excellent food, upscale (price not an issue), and some trendiness a bonus (b/c of guests' known preference).

I know that London has many wonderful restaurants and have perused the boards a bit - saw a reference to Scott's from last year but that poster seemed to have gone ten years ago - and, as is the NY restaurant landscape for visitors, it's a bit overwhelming.

So, is Scott's a place she should consider, or do you have other suggestions? Happy to help if you visit NYC!


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  1. The older Majumdar brother went to Scott's a short while ago and tried it

    He enjoyed it. I have not been

    I have been the biggest fan of Sheekey's of anyone, but again big bruv went recently and found, for the first time both food and service had slipped

    The Ramsay network have their moments and Petrus may fit the bill. I have to say, I found it underwhelming, but Michelin obviously did not and just gave it star No2.

    I liked Galvin @ The Windows ( 27th Floor of the Park Lane Hilton ) a great deal. But, it is just as well money is no object as it is not just the elevator ride that will cause nosebleeds. I don't think it got a star which is a great shame. It deserved it.

    Best of all, though, was my meal at Theo Randall @ The Intercontinental. TR was the chef for fifteen years at The river Cafe when it was good but expensive rather than just expensive. The meal at the end of last year was head and shoulders above any other in 2006

    Finally, another excellent meal was had at the reliable Locanda Locatelli. it will certainly fit the bill.

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    1. re: Simon Majumdar

      Thank you so much - I appreciate your taking the time to help.

    2. I went to Scott's a couple of weeks ago. This may sound a little overblown but the palce felt as though it needed to grow back into itself. Does that make sense? No? Scott's is one of the city's oldest haunts, and it's not long re-opened. It still seems to be finding its feet, particularly from a staff point of view.

      Quick recommendations if you decide against it: Arbutus, on Greek Street in Soho, is a reasonably new place and well worth a look. I went for lunch, not dinner, but the food was excellent and the space is pleasant enough. If you can face heading out to Kew, there's a restaurant near(ish) to the Gardens called the Glasshouse. Consistently great food, nice intimate room but not too noisy.

      For impressing people, there's always the Ivy, but book in advance for fudge's sake. Same goes for Ramsay's 3-star temple to gastronomy, called (wittily) Gordon Ramsay. It's in Chelsea and the tasting menu is something to be tried before you die.

      1. Wanted to thank you again for your recs - friend ended up going to Launceston Place - but hope to get to go to London soon and try some of the out.

        1. did she dig launceston place or not?

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            She did - she's been before - as have I (years ago) - but unfortunately haven't gotten the details! I remember it seeming to be a v. "English" place with quite good food, well executed - and where business men still have boozy lunches (when I was in London about 7 years ago I remember reading something about how the arrival of American investment bankers had changed the alcohol consumption at business lunches in London!).

          2. i asked because its in my 'hood - and i consider it a little treasure. good not great food, but such a beautiful tourist free neighborhood.

            the other find in that area is otto e mezze on thackeray street. variable, but sensational italian when on.

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              Thanks - good to know - I used to live on Thackery Street - Abbott's (sp?) Court - just around the corner from Barkers - which I gather is now a Whole Foods? I loved their coffee milkshakes!