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Feb 12, 2007 03:13 AM

restaurants with a view


i'm looking for a restaurant that provides dinner with a nice view of the far i'm looking at:

- 360 (CN Tower)
- Panorama (Manulife Center)
- Toula (Westin Harbor Castle)

can anybody provide any advice on these? also, are there any other restaurants that are comparable in terms of the view? thanks!

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    1. re: artgeek

      Agreed. Scaramouche has a beautiful view. Wonderful food too of course.

    2. Canoe.

      1. Food at 360 is not particularly good, although the view is stunning.
      2. Panorama has a strange vibe - lots of university students, odd decor, having never lasted there long enough to actually eat anything.
      3. Toula is not bad, but food at Scaramouche or Canoe would be far superior. I think Scaramouche is probably slightly more "romantic." A good segment of the Canoe crowd will be there to woo clients. I would say that Canoe has a slightly more impressive view. Ordinarily I would recommend going at sunset, but this time of year that would put you in a rather geriatric dinner hour.

      1. who are you going with?

        I find the food at 360 to be very approachable for non-foodies, the wine list excellent, and the experience / view incomparable.

        Foodies are more likely to prefer Canoe - although I personally wouldn't spend my own money for the food there, it's great for expense account stuff.

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        1. re: orangewasabi

          i'm going with my gf this friday. I tried making a reservation for 630...but the earliest they had was 515. I guess i might have to mingle with the geriatric crowd as someone above mentioned, haha. But i totally forgot about sunset - will look into it.

          1. re: silentnoise

            If you're talking about Canoe, then 5:15pm is PERFECT for this time of the year, assuming it doesn't cloud over completely.