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Feb 12, 2007 12:33 AM

Indian Snack Food - DC, Virginia, Maryland?

Hey guys, new to this site (so excuse me if I'm posting in the wrong area.)

I was wondering if anyone knew of some good places to get some authentic Indian food. I'm Indian myself, but haven't found great places to go to so far...


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  1. You'll get a more focused response (and you WILL get a response) if you tell us what part of the area you live in, and/or what parts of the area you frequent.

    In the interim, see http://www.tylercowensethnicdininggui...

    1. for *snack* food specifically: Hot Breads. Their expansion into the US has brought us two local locations: Chantilly and Gaithersburg (Kentlands). Check

      When I go for Indian food I almost always go for buffet. For this, my favorites locally are Udupi Palace (S. Indian place in Takoma Park, MD) and Minerva (multiple locations in VA). Woodlands, with two locations in MD and one in VA, is also a favorite among my Indian friends.

      1. Punjab Dhaba in Falls Church does decent dosas.

        By the way, we would love to have your opinion of the places you've tried and aren't so happy with, both regular restaurant fare and snacks. We'd also love to have feedback about our recommendations.

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          I love Punjab Dhaba for their tandoori chicken and dahi vada. Very good bhel puri at Bombay Curry Company in Del Ray section of Alexandria, mutter paneer and paper dhosa dinnertime at Woodlands in Langley Park. Very good Chaat papri and long pepper pokori at Shiney's in Annandale.

        2. wow, you guys are great! Thanks for all the tips. I live downtown near the McPhereson Square metro station and prefer to frequnt places that are metro accessible since I don't have a car.

          It isn't so much that the places I've been to aren't great, it is just that I find more Pakistani cuisine in the area than the North Indian chaat houses I'm used to (we had a bunch in chicago). Pujab Dhaba sounds great, I'll look into . I've also heard good things about Heritage in Dupont. But the only place that I know of which serves Chaat Papri in the area is Mahek - I have yet to try either of them. Ideally if anyone knows of a Gujurati Restaurant in the area, that would address all my worries - gujurati food (or "guju" food) is always a safe and delicious bet. Thanks again for the suggestions!

          1. You will find Guju food at Nirvana at 18th and K St. NW. Dolar the owner is a Guju and she rotates the menu everyday for lunch and one day is Guju food. you will get Gathia, papri, dhokla, ragra pattice shrikhand and chhas etc.