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Feb 11, 2007 11:35 PM

seascape resort restaurants in aptos

anyone tried Palapas Mexican restaurant?

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  1. While a little pricy, I do like the food. If you are staying at the resort it is certainly convenient. I have found that while they do the basic Mexican quite well, their seafood, and in particular, their raw ahi dishes are exceptional.

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      thanks! makes my life easier knowing the restaurant is good. works for convenience.

    2. While I haven't been, my husband has had some work lunches there and says it's pretty good but a bit pricey. Below are some old threads w/ mentions of Palapas. Wherever you go, please report back since we could use some updates for the Aptos area.

      Palapas website:

      1. Excellent ceviche cocktail at Palapas.