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Feb 11, 2007 11:04 PM

brkfst mtn view or p/alto?

taking hubby to extraordinarily wonderful East West Bookstore to buy him a yoga mat for V-Day... any suggestions for breakfast (if I feed him first, he won't mind the woo woo California stuff as much!). Thanks, Cyd

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  1. My favorite by far is Dinah's Poolside Restaurant in Palo Alto. Located on El Camino, just North of San Antonio Road. Terrific. large, fluffy omelettes with lots of ingredient choices. They also serve "country fried potatoes" which include large pieces of sauteed onion and green pepper. You must request these as I'm not sure they're on the menu; if you don't, you get the equivalent of Or-Ida hashbrowns. If the weather is nice, there is plenty of outdoor seating as well.
    There are lots of other options in Palo Alto; the best are Joannies Cafe and Cafe Brioche on California Avenue plus there are multiple Hobee's which this board seems to like, but I find pedestrian at best. If you like egg white omelettes, Dinah's and the two Cafes use real eggwhites, Hobee's uses "egg substitute".

    1. there's always Taqueria Los Charros, right around the corner from East West bookstore on Dana St. Yes, they are a taqueria, but it's a very cozy, sit-down place and they serve a nice "american" breakfast every morning--pancakes, eggs, ham, sausage, fresh-squeezed OJ. I am partial to the pigs in a blanket. I believe this menu is a holdover from the days when Wanda's Waffles was in the same location.

      not as fancy as Dinah's, but perhaps more convenient.

      1. If you end up in downtown Palo Alto, you can get a very good cup of hot chocolate and pastry at Coupa Cafe.