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What to Order @ Loteria Grill?

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Hangin' out by Grove/Farmer's Market yesterday, and will probably [finally] check out this place. I took a look at their menu online and found the varieties a bit mind boggling - so a few questions:

~Any recs for favorite meats/veggies?

~Should I stick with just tacos or are their other items worthy of trying out as well?

~Also, I remember from LA Mag that they offer a "sampler plate" of sorts with lots of different tacos. Is it still true? (I took a peek at a posted online menu but found no such item)



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  1. My favorite taco there is the poblano mole, although the cochinita pibil is also nice.

    1. Potato tacos too - yum!

      1. Ditto on the potato tacos. The chicken taquitos are also some of the best I've ever had -- crunchy tortillas, soft chicken. The chicken tinga tacos are also quite good. However, the chilaquiles are nothing special.

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          ditto on the chilaquiles. they stink!

        2. The tasting menu is great if you aren't picky. It's a little bit of everything. The beauty of Loteria, is that you can get any of the fillings in several different ways: burrito, taco (corn tortilla or lettuce cup), taquito, etc. My faves are the chicken mole and their shredded beef really is out of this world. The potato with poblano peppers is also quite good. Also good is their tortilla soup - but it's a big bowl so be aware.

          It's one of my favorites - enjoy!

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            They have a tasting menu?! I must try it! How do you order it? Do you just ask for "the tasting menu"? What comes with it?

          2. I love:
            chicken nachos--special and amazing!
            chicken enchiladas with green sauce /rice and beans are perfect
            the red sauce is good too
            chicken mole tacos or enchiladas-the mole is sweet and yummy
            egg dishes are great
            mushroom tacos

            1. The sampler taco platter is a reality! I've never ordered it but I've seen others who have.

              Since many items on the menu have been already mentioned above, I'll suggest their breakfast items. My favorite is huevos a la Mexicana which is scrambled eggs with jalapenos, onions, and tomatoes. It's served with black beans, thick corn tortillas, and potatoes con rajas. That dish with a cafe de olla is pretty close to heaven.


              1. I've had the sampler plate, as well. It's not my fave, but it's fun to taste everything. I love the mole, but get tired of it quickly - can't imagine the people who get burritos with it. I adore their salsa verde, so I tend to get chicken enchiladas or chilequiles with it. And, I hate to admit it, but I do get the taquitos more often than I should, but they're made fresh and very tasty (chicken is my favorite).

                If you have the gringo attachment to carne asada, stay away from the beef - it's a stewed beef, and while it's good, I can't get past the sogginess to really enjoy it.

                1. chicken mole and potato tacos

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                      No offense, but Loteria really sucks for Mexican food. If I were you, I'd skip it. Overpriced and blah!

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                        That's not the most helpful comment. Plus, I can say a LOT of Mexican places suck in this town, (i.e. generic chain places, and old institutions that have replicated themselves), but Loteria isn't one of them. If you want to call it overrated, fine, but "sucks" is harsh and untrue. They aspire to goodness, they use fresh ingredients and they use authentic recipies. If you don't like how their flavors come out, fine, but it certainly does NOT suck.

                    2. Breakfast--huevos rancheros--delicious!! Good black beans...great rich potatoes...good tortillas...try it!

                      1. Thanks everyone for the comments - I tried the sampler plate of mini-tacos (a bite or two each) for $13.50 -- I agreed it was overpriced for what it was - but some of them tasted interesting (my favorite were the mushrooms & mashed potatoes tacos.)

                        Afterwards, my friend and I made two taco truck stops where we spent $5 for 5 full sized asada & al pastors.