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Feb 11, 2007 09:54 PM

Pete's Cafe Update

After reading mixed reviews here about pete's cafe downtown, we decided to take a chance on it after seeing 'who's afraid of virginia woolf?' last night...and I must say that our experience was really great. Got there about 11:30pm, we were quickly seated in the restaurant, server came over right after to get drink orders and returned just as quickly with drinks. We both had the Hellman burger, mine with bleu cheese fries (tasted excellent, but got quite soggy from the cheese), my wife had hers with the garlic basil fries which were delicious. Burgers were perfectly cooked and had really nice flavor. All in all, food was really good, service was friendly, quick and attentive. I'll definitely keep Pete's on the list for late night eats when downtown.

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  1. For earlier in the evening, you might look in on Banquette Cafe next door (it's the new Pete's). Good selection of wines by the glass, good Italian sandwiches and finger foods, soup, salad, etc.

    1. I have always had good experiences at Pete's. Nice service, though they can get slammed at times, and the food is really solid. I also like the space. Glad you enjoyed it.

      1. I've had some really good meals at Pete's and the service has always been good, but when they get busy, the place is really loud.

        1. Pete's pizza is weird but I like it.

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            I have only been to Pete's once and I just loved it. I say go and try it for yourself! Like the person who started the post I'm glad I didn't let a few negative reviews persuade me otherwise!

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              I've always had great experiences there with the service and have always received very good food (even though my burger was overcooked last time, it still tasted really good). It appears to me that the cooks who work weekdays are a little more on the ball.