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Feb 11, 2007 09:33 PM

Anyone been to Fuzion House?

Any experiences with the new place?

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  1. I was just there on Friday (Feb 9/07) and had an excellent overall experience. We got a warm welcome from the host, server was attentive but not hovering (she was very sweet, left her a 20% tip as not once did we have to fill our wine glasses or catch her attention if we needed something) and the food was a steal. We ordered the chef's selection for starters (that night it was scallops, lamb and duck) - the duck dumpling was just the right texture and taste, my date enjoyed the lamb. I had the bison (huge portion if you compare it to other fine dining places in Toronto) and my date had the veal. We shared the creme brulee that came in three flavours - espresso, chai and pumpkin. Including a very nice bottle of wine, the meal cost about $180 + tip. The ambience was really cozy and chef/owner Peter Wiese took the time to say hello to the patrons. I'd go back there again before it becomes too popular and "trendy".

    1. is that the one near church and wellesley or are there 2?

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