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Feb 11, 2007 08:41 PM

Cocktail suggestions - SEA

Looking for places that serve great, varied and interesting cocktails, in the vein of 22 Doors, Vessel, Suite 410, Zig Zag...I'm open to any neighborhood, but mostly interested places within Seattle. Any recommendations? Also, if anyone knows of a place that serves Absinth, or more likely Absente, please let me know. Thanks!!

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  1. zigzag and vessel both serve absinth. definitely check out sambar in ballard and licorous on capitol hill.

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    1. re: ccqueen

      good suggestions, I would also add Marjorie and Union which have a couple interesting cocktails (although that is not their main focus)

    2. Sambar.
      Oliver's Twist and Copper Gate are good, too.

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      1. re: christy319

        Thanks for the suggestions. I'm glad you mentioned Copper Gate. I live near there and really like it, but it's always almost empty (I actually wrote a post on it a few weeks ago). I hope they start picking up some more business!

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          I've been meaning to check out Copper Gate after reading a blurb about them in a recent issue of Seattle Metro magazine. Just knowing how they got their name makes me want to support the place.

      2. also in ballard the thai restaurant (owned by the same guy as copper gate & la carta) makes intereting off beat cocktails + the bar interior is all gloopy with that graham graham over-doneness that many love ..

        1. Sambar in Ballard (Adjacent to Le Gourmand). We were there before dinner at Tilth on Friday and they have a lovely little cocktail list plus fantastic frites.

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            Found the 'frites' at Sambar VERY disappointing....greasy, meaty tasting with a gritty texture...I think they're similar to Dick's, oddly enough.....with a higher pricetag. It's not hard to make good'd think the top chefs at this place would be the ones to know how to do it!
            The cocktails were tasty and unique and the garden/patio area delightful and in bloom. The food we ordered was pretty disappointing ( steamed mussels in a too wine-y broth and asparagus soup that tasted metallic and dull, mezuna lettuce (they billed it as arugula) in a lemon verbena/roasted garlic dressing that had no hint of lemon verbena or roasted garlic. I expect more skillfully prepared food from a place like this especially with their prices.

            1. re: staffstuff

              I hope that was on off night when you were there. When I've had the frites at Sambar, they've been nothing like Dick's.

          2. Crush, for the drink topped with tarragon foam.