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Monster Meals- Pride evoking binges

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I know that with the obesity epidemic in America in full swing this topic shows a bit of insensitivity to the problems of the current era, but to be honest I don't really care. I ate a wonderful 5-course meal here in Nashville last night (believe it or not, there is at least one to be had here), and a few days earlier polished off 10 of the greatest sweet potato pancakes ever to be placed in front of me. This just got me wondering, what meals have you fellow hounders enjoyed so much that you had to keep eating long past feeling hungry but didn't regret a minute of it?

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  1. That would be just about every dinner I had in Paris. :) Our meal at La Truffiere came with an amuse bouche, starter, a free extra course, main, cheese trolley, dessert and apr├Ęs dessert. The cheese trolley had at least 20 cheeses on it and we could sample as many as we wanted. I think we stopped at 5 because dessert was coming and we were already bursting at the seams.

    At L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon, we had the tasting menu of 9 courses, and while each course was small, they did add up in the stomach, and the restaurant also added on a special 10th course for us since it was our anniversary...so 3 desserts for that dinner, 2 of which were intense chocolate! I could have died a happy woman. I practically had to be rolled out of there.

    1. My birthday dinner at Danube last year I had a full tasting menu plus a complimentary dessert for my birthday. I polished off everything and had a wonderful meal. Unfortunately, my binge was a little too much for my stomach to handle, so I ended up feeling ill the the rest of the evening while everyone else had fun. I can't eat like I used to!

      1. I've had many memorable meals (both at the low and high end) but one that continues to provide me with an odd sense of pride is about 5 years ago I went to a co-ed bachelor party (translation: big group dinner at a churascarria here in NYC) - I hadn't experienced that kind of eating before and I ate and ate and ate. When all was said and done, I was the last one still able to eat and felt some pride that I was able to eat more than all of the men at the dinner, including the groom to be. Of course I paid for it the next day when instead of an alcohol infused hangover, mine was meat induced but it was worth it.

        1. When I was in Girl Scouts, we took a trip to Pennsylvania Dutch country & ate at an Amish restaurant, served family style. I was 10? 12? Getting close to 6 feet tall (hence my handle) and a ridiculous appetite. I ate so well that day- 7 pieces of fried chicken, mashed sweet potatoes, green beans, at least 5 rolls, tried 5 or 6 desserts, plus mac & cheese. The food was fantastic and I'm glad that I didn't suffer for my gourging afterwards. Since over 20 years have passed, I know I can't eat like that anymore, but give me some good fried chicken & I'm guaranteed to have as many pieces as possible!

          1. Love the stories, I think I may have created the post just to make myself feel better, and it is working well.

            1. My sister, a friend and myself went into a coffee shop and we all ordered hot roast beef sandwiches with mashed potatoes and gravy. And they were great. So we ordered another. And another. And another. Then we shared one more. The waitress came over to the table after we were tearing into the last one and said, "The manager is going to pay your bill if you can all have one more." "Bring it on." we said. Then again... we were 17. But it took a while before I could eat another hot beef sandwich.

              1. I don't do this as often as I used to, but annually, I make myself sick at the local Ribfest -- on boiled corn, believe it or not. I was positively ill the one time I was in Kansas City for only a day and a half but needed to try 5 different BBQ places in that time -- who knew when I would be back? The multicourse meals in Paris put me under -- I couldn't eat for the entire day, after the 10 course lunch at Taillevent. If I have a deep dish pizza at Giodano's in Chicago, I will definately overeat and be off food for a day. Each and every time we eat cheesecake at Stage Deli in NYC I eat myself sick (and still never finish a slice). hmmm, maybe eating long past feeling hungry happens more often than I realise.

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                  ooh Kansas City BBQ. I've only been once but you reminded me of yet another time of eating beyond feeling hungry - had a great meal at Jack Stack's (brisket and burnt ends, some pulled pork and their delicious cheese and corn casserole, washed down with 2 icy cold Boulevard Wheats). At the end of the meal, we left with our friends and they drove us back to our hotel. My SO and I were craving another Boulevard so we went back to Jack Stack's, sat at the bar this time and not only had another beer but a plate of burnt ends and onion rings. Mmmm...