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Feb 11, 2007 08:24 PM

Missing Vik's - Anyone eat there today?

It has been nearly three months since I was in the Bay Area. As on every trip, I made a pilgrimage to Vik's in Berkeley. And as on every visit, I left a satisfied and happy customer.

Our usual (for two)

- Dahi papdi chaat
- Samosa Cholle
- Battura Cholle
- Masala Dosa
- Lamb Roti
- Chai & Mango Lassi

And I love the fact that Vik's only has sporks for use. The lowly, but immensly practical spork captures the essence of the pipal leaf bowls used by roadside chaat vendors in India.

Three months is a long time for me to go without Vik's. When I lived in the Bay Area. Vik's was on a nearly weekly rotation. Man, I miss those days.

Anyone eat at Vik's today?

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  1. I ate there a week ago. It was my second time and my stepdad's first time there. There were three of us and we had:

    Dahi papdi chaat
    Chicken biryani
    Lamb baida roti
    Idli sambar
    Fish kebabs
    Mango lassi

    I thought it was going to be far too much food, but we somehow managed to scarf most of it up. Total was $29 and I can't wait to go back.

    1. Note the lamb baida roti etc are weekend specials only

      1. Not today, but I finally went there for the first time this past Saturday. It definitely lived up to the hype. Delicious! My husband and I shared:

        Battura Cholle
        Chicken Biryani
        Masala Dosa
        Mango Lassi

        We weren't quite able to finish it all, but we'll definitely be back soon to try again!

        1. Did you try that lamb samosa? It was incredible. I had a dream about it later in the week.

          1. Ate there on Sunday just before they closed. They had run out of a lot of things, but that was OK because what we got was great.

            Aloo Paratha - I had never had this before and only ordered it because they were out of other things I wanted. It was great. Paratha stuffed with potatoes and fried, came with raita and achaar (spicy pickle). Perfect combination. It was hot enough to burn our fingers when we first got it.

            Masala Dosa - Good as always.
            Bhatura Cholle - Good as always.

            Ah, Vik's.