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Feb 11, 2007 08:16 PM

Group Dinner on the Westside?

We hare taking 4 couples to a brithday dinner. They are visitng from NYC and want an "LA experience." We are aleady going to Koi and Mastro's. Italian might be a good idea, but Dan Tana's is too crowded. Westside is ideal (they are staying at Shutters). Any ideas?

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  1. The best Italian places in the Santa Monica/Brentwood area are probably Drago, La Botte, Valentino's and Vincenti. Giorgio Baldi on West Channel is more "L.A." but is not as good in terms of food or service.

      1. Take them to Toscana. They will love it. Friendly service, great food and a definite potential for celeb-spotting.

        1. If it's celebs you want, West Hollywood pics like Dolce and Katana, but you got Koi in.

          Capo in Santa Monica

          Ivy gets them.

          Send them to Urth Cafe.. I always see people there

          1. How about Gardens of Taxco? It is really delicious, family style Mexican with a funky atmosphere. I am from New York, and before moving to LA I have to say that I used to always want some good Mexican where I came here.