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Feb 11, 2007 06:15 PM

Best Argentinian?

I'd like to take a friend out for a great Argentinian steak, and I don't want to fly to Buenos Aires. Where's the best place in the area?

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  1. I like Azul Bistro on the LES...Suffolk cor Stanton. They have a mix grill for two for less than 40 bucks that comes with fries and a little mixed green salad and they have reasonably priced good Argentinian wines to go with it as well. Better to go there on a weekday night though as it can get crazy busy on the weekends.

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      Second Azul, I just went there last night. I ordered a pot of mussels which went well with the basket of warm bread to mop up the sauce. Sliced marinated strip steak for 2 arrived hot on a sizzling platter with chimichurri sauce, fries and salad on the side. Delicious! The atmosphere is warm and cozy. Space in between tables are quite cramped but their noise levels were high so you never have to worry about your neighbors listening in. Good crowd, majority of it is men (4:1). I wont say it's the 'Best Argentinian' but for a night to kick back and relax, I'm planning to return back very soon.

      1. I havent been to azul bistro but I really like Pampa. My sister also prefers pampa to azul bistro (part of the reason I havent been). Only drawback is that it is cash only but the nice outside patio when its warm is pleasant. The one my family likes the best though is La Fusta in Queens. My dad is from argentina where I was raised and we visit often. I think all these places have good steaks for reasonable prices though, but La fusta might be the best overall restaurant when it comes to food quality and authenticity.

        1. If you don't want to come to Queens, I would suggest Buenos Aires, 513 E. 6th Street. Had an amazing meal and wine and the dulce de leche crepes for dessert were to die for. Very friendly service and host. The only drawback is that the beef isn't from Argentina at any of these places, but they do their best here.

          1. I prefer Noveciento in SoHo. Great area for drinks before and after. Loud and fun too.

            1. Hacienda de Argentina on 75th, bet. 1st and 2nd Aves. used to be quite good. I haven't been there in a long time, but perhaps some hounds have a more recent experience.