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Feb 11, 2007 06:10 PM

SC BBQ open on Mondays

My husband and I will be driving through South Carolina on a cross-country road trip in April. Unfortunately, we're coming through on a Monday and my top choices will be closed (Sweatman's and McCabe's). Route is open: we can either take 95 straight through or detour through Columbia on 26 and up 77. Any recommendations?
Looks like Shealy's in Leesville is open on Mondays- is that worth the detour?
We have never tried a mustard based sauce and are looking to compare it with other BBQ
we eat along the way (Central TX and NC).


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  1. In Columbia, Palmetto Pig and Doc's Southern BBQ are open on Monday's. Maurice Bessingers's Piggy-Park is open as well.

    1. I ate at maurices Piggy-Park driving through S.C. the food was good. However, Prepare yourself for some culture shock .