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Feb 11, 2007 05:18 PM

Lunch recs near White Marsh/Belair

Looking for a nice but not too expensive place to take 15-20 people for an engagement party. Would like to do brunch or lunch to keep the price down, but would like it to be decent.

Run of the mill American cuisine is fine, but something more than grilled cheese and fried chicken is called for.

Any ideas?

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  1. Maybe Tea by Two or McGerks? Both are attractive, affordable & have a little more interesting than "run of the mill American".

    I went to a luncheon shower at Dead Freddies in Bel Air. They set up a very nice Buffet in a separate area tented out back. They also have a heated patio. The service was excellent.

    Also Timber Creek on the Gunpowder. I havent eaten there under new management but have heard it is good. Definitely a cozy atmosphere with a fireplace & hardwood floors overlooking the state park.

    1. How about Liberatore's in White Marsh? They list it on their website as Perry Hall. It's in the Honeygo Square shopping center - about a mile and a half from the avenue. Coming from Harford Co it's accessible off Ebenezer. I haven't been to this store yet but I've been to the other Liberatore's and I would recommend their food and service.

      1. DellaRosa"s on The Avenue has great burgers and sour beef and dumplings. I'm not sure about the rest of their menu.

        1. Thanks for the recommendations, will take the suggestions to the family and see what comes of it!

          1. I also thought that maybe Josef's Country Inn in Fallston would work. I had an event there a few years back. We picked gave them a price and they worked with it to give us a limited menu with a choice of entrees.