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Feb 11, 2007 05:16 PM

Last min. ideas for a veggie Valentines date?

Help! I don't have a reservation for Valentines day and I need one!


1. all veg or veg friendly (read: more than one option on the menu)
2. not too stuffy or yuppie and not through the roof expensive
3. SF preferably but Oakland, Albany or Berkeley could work

I thought of Greens but it's booked of course...

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  1. Open Table has a 6 and 9:30 reservation available for Greens - not optimal timing, but given that it's only two days away, it might be the best you could pull off. It'd appear that Millennium is booked; however, you might want to give them a buzz and see if they might have an opening/cancelation. Medicine (while not incredibly romantic), again, has 6 and 9 reservations available. There are a number of lower end veggie restaurants you could try, too, such as Herbivore. Not high on the romance scale... but you could always cap the night off with a good bottle of wine and some high end chocolate.

    Or you could always go my route, as I waited until 3 weeks before Valentine's Day - my bf and I are celebrating said made-up holiday on Friday evening. :) Good luck!

    1. Be My Guest Thai Bistro- good food mostly vegetarian friendly

      0r something different like-
      Saha- Yemenese Arabic/Californian cuisines- lot's of their small plates are vegetarian

      1. If you are into indian food - i just posted a couple of options in the Bay area - for veggie prix-fix places