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Feb 11, 2007 05:10 PM

Valentine's Dinner: Student budget, veggie-friendly.

Hey folks -

I'm looking for a valentine-appropriate place to take a vegetarian. Doesn't need to be veggie-only, but somewhere that a vegetarian can get something other than a boring pasta or stir-fry.

Being a student, I'd like to get out for not much more than $100 between the two of us. We don't need any more than a demi of decent house wine.

Somewhere in the general downtown area would be good.

Thanks so much hounds. I will report back.

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  1. When I was a vegetarian, I always had the most success at ethnic restaurants - indian, thai, etc. I think I neat option for a date would be a place like Ethiopian House at Bloor and Yonge. It's a unique experience since you eat the food with your hands (using the bread that it's served on. You can eat well there veggie on not.

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      We love Ethiopia House - been there probably a dozen times in the last five years. Wouldn't mind trying something new. Any other recs?

    2. what about roasted veggies like onion, carrot, zucchini, etc served in a well of couscous some filo dough w cinnamon, butter, toasted almond slivers, sugar or search for bastilla (sp?)


      homemade three cheese ravioli (not hard to make) served in a nice brown butter and sage sauce. I make this all of the time and we've probably had it more valentine's dinners than any other dish. We usually do it as a first course before a meat, but it makes a great stand alone.

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        Sounds great (guess what I'm making tomorrow). I'm hoping to find a resto since I'll be rolling in from out of town a little last minute to make anything myself.

      2. sorry, i was thinking that you would make it. Didnt read carefully good luck

        1. I know what you mean about the boring Pasta element to veggie friendly. Have you considered doing something like C'est What on Front street? Very rustic with a fire place and local brew and wine. Also on College there is Utopia, however the place is a bit small but they do a great pommegranite dip and it's all burritos but with unique options. I feel like it's intimate. And at Utopia you can head to the Orbit room after for live Jazz or go and get dessert at a cafe afterwards.

          1. Personally, I wouldn't call C'est What "rustic". It's a pub. Not bad food for a pub, but I wouldn't recommend it for Valentine's Day.
            Have you been to San on Queen West? I haven't been, almost did, but our party was too big for the space. It is supposed to have very good Korean food.
            I think the Queen Mother could work also.
            Lemongrass on Bayview, north of Eglinton is nice Thai food.
            You might want to check out the menu at Kultura. I think it is a good option, food wise, but not sure if it would be in your budget.
            For Indian, I'm sure that there are other CH'ers who will have recs downtown, but I do like Cuisine of India at Yonge and Sheppard.
            Boujadi, at Bathurst and Eglinton, which is Morroccan, would have lots of vegetarian options.

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            1. re: pescatarian

              pesca (can I call you pesca?)...I agree, I would never recommend C'est What for v-day. In fact, i'd go one step further than you and say I've never had good food there at all.

              1. re: nummanumma

                Of course you can call me pesca :) the funny thing is that the handle isn't exactly appropriate anymore (since I now eat meat as well), but in truth I'd say I eat more fish than meat in general.

                I can't remember having good food at C'est What really either, unless you count a post-bar order of fries which seemed decent at the time.

                1. re: pescatarian

                  I think c'est what is decent pub food - not as good as Allen's, but definitely more interesting than the Firkin family of pubs.

                  Still, if my date took me there for VD, it would not be pretty.

                  1. re: Rabbit

                    yes rabbit, good point, if we are comparing to Firkin, then by all means- :)