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Feb 11, 2007 05:07 PM

Best peach cobbler for take out

I'm celebrating my 60th in Austin next weekend with a great bbq dinner and want peach cobbler and Blue Bell for dessert. Who makes the best cobbler? I need a tray or two that will feed 60-70. Also thinking of taking the out-of-towners for Mexican on Sat. nite. Haven't lived in Austin for 20 years, and haven't been happy with an enchilada since Jorge's on Riverside Dr. Any suggetions?

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  1. Salt Lick has the best cobbler. Get some of the blackberry cobbler also.

    If by Jorge, you mean Jorge Arrendondo, his latest place is on I-35 by UT. It used to be called AusTexMex but the name on the sign changes every couple of months it seems like...i guess he still owns it. Both Enchiladas Y Mas and Maudies serve his recipe for enchiladas. I think he has/had a restaurant called TexMex in Round Rock also.

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      I think Ben's Long Branch makes the best peach cobbler in town. In my opinion, it's far better than the one served at the Salt Lick.

      If you’re interested, you can call and ask if Ben's will do enough cobbler to serve 60 to 70 people.


    2. I second the Ben's Long Branch cobbler (on 11th street just east of 35). I haven't tried Salt Lick's but Ben's is a standout among peach cobblers I've ever had. Warm with spice (cinnamon, if I remember correctly) and perfect level of sweetness, which makes it ideal for serving ice cream.

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        Green Mesquite used to have the most awesome cobbler. But that was over ten years go!