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Feb 11, 2007 04:45 PM

Pif Lately??

My husband and I, along with two Prif loving friends visit Pif earlier this winter and had an awful experience. The waitress had your typical South Philly attitude. My best friend from Alabama, a super nice southern gentleman, couldn't even cheer her up. I was the only one with a great entree, I had the fish special (can't remember exactly what it was). My husband ordered his steak medium and it came out as rare as one could imagine. We didn't send it back as fixing it wasn't going to fix the evening. This was my best friends favorite restaurant until that evening.

Anyway, as a wedding present I received a $100 gift certificate that I forgot and it is about to expire if I don't use it very soon. I was wondering if anyone has been recently and could offer some feedback. My best friend won’t even return if I were to give him the cert.

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  1. I am going to assume since there are no posts to this message in a month that no one is visiting Pif anymore. I am going to Ansil instead this weekend and am just going to let my Pif gift certificate expire. My friends won't even take it and Pif used to be their favorite restaurant! You know it's bad when you can't give it away!

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      I can't speak directly for Pif or Ansil, but if you have a gift certificate that will literally be trashed if you don't use it, why not try Pif again with either your husband or someone else willing to go in with an open mind, and keep your bill to $100 or less? That way, if you have a bad experience the only thing you'll have lost will be your time. And, you'll be able to confirm in your mind whether you simply had a one-time bad experience at Pif, or whether the place has actually gone downhill thus meaning you'll never return. I'm sure people here would be interested to know. Plus, I wouldn't necessarily want to assume that just because no one has posted on Pif in a while or responded to your original inquiry means that Pif is disliked by all here. Just a thought since it seems like you are throwing $100 in the trash...good luck!

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        We had a very nice dinner at Pif a couple of months ago. We had a male waiter, and he was very pleasant and efficient. It was a Sunday evening.
        Maybe you could speak to someone there about your experience. We are not regulars, so I can only tell you about our one recent visit. It was a little pricier than most of the BYOB's we get to, but everyone was pleased with their dinner. It would be a shame not to use the gift certificate.

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          If you are looking to give it away, I'll happily accept it. I've never had a bad experience at Pif.

        2. Still my favorite restaurant. had my first date with my soon-to-be wife there. I'll buy it off you for $35.

              1. I was there last Saturday night and had excellent, friendly service and overall a very good meal. We started with the skate and braised squid appetizers. Both were excellent. We then each had the mixed green salad, which was truly enjoyable with a vinaigrette that I can only aspire to. I had the hanger steak with mushroom ragout and my friend had to whole roast branzino. I ordered the steak medium rare and it came out extremely rare so I had to send it back. It came back medium, which was a dissapointment but I ate every bit of it anyway because it really was very good. The branzino was fresh but did not have a lot of flavor besides the rosemary, so it was just OK. Dessert was the only real disappointment. We ordered beignets with hot chocolate. The beignets came out dry and tasteless, although the chocolate for dipping them in was fab. Next time I'd skip the doughnut and just go for the chocolate. Overall we do like eating there and it's rare to have something that does not come out well. And service has always been pretty good. I would never write off a restaurant with good food just because of one experience with one waiter.