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Feb 11, 2007 04:02 PM

HELP - Moving to Prospect Heights. What's up there?

Hey everyone,

I am moving from Park Slope and it looks like P. Heights is my next destination, specifically Eastern Pkwy a block from the museum. I don't know the area real well so can anyone shed some light on bars and restaurants near me?

Especially take-out food places of decent to good quality and any cool bars apart from SODA which I already know about.

Thanks much,


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  1. Bar scenes are off topic, unless the bar is also known for good food. Take-out places are fair game. We try to keep firmly focused on food on the regional boards.

    1. what if the bar has mediocre food

      1. anyone check out cheryl's yet?

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        1. re: sam1

          I've had some very pleasant brunches at Cheryl's
          The coffee is too weak for me, but the french toast and standard eggy items are good.

          there is a very active neighborhood blog there, with running discussion on takeout options and everything else

        2. I live in Prospect Heights and we do have a few good places (we could definitely use more). Sushi Gen on Washington Avenue and Geido on Flatbush both have good sushi and a relaxed vibe. Joyce's Bakeshop on Vanderbilt (at Park Place) is a good place for coffee, tea and sweets. Beast on Vanderbilt Avenue has a nice brunch and the bartenders are quite good there as well. Welcome to the neighborhood!

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            Amorina on Vanderbilt (upscale but not really expensive pizzeria), its sibling Osteria Aliseo, also on Vand, winebar/limited menu restaurant, The Islands (Washington near Eastern) are also in area .Tom's Diner of course for breakfast and lunch (Washington). I think there's a new restaurant/brunch place on the same side of Washington as Tom's, farther up toward EP, also a little place on Underhill down toward Sterling.

            Search for posts seeking eateries near Brooklyn Museum or botanic garden and you will see the full inventory.

          2. try the islands, on washington, for amazing jamaican/west indian food. you can eat in, but the place is so tiny that take-out is preferable.