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How do you drink your coffee?

It's funny how everyone has their perfect combination of cream, sugar, whatever..that they put in their coffee...for me, something like coffeemate is ESSENTIALLLLLL...what about you guys?

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  1. Milk (usually 1-2%) and sugar (usually an embarassing 2 tsp.--I'm not a fan of bitter)

    1. Black with a bit of honey. If it's crappy coffee, I'll add creme.

      1. Black...nothing else, but it has to have good "coffee" taste. Otherwise, I have to add some milk and sugar.

        1. I like to drink milk with my coffee but I also like my coffeee to be strong and very hot. I usually brew my coffee stronger and I microwave about 1/3 of a mug of milk then add the coffee to that with a scant teaspoon of sugar. I would rather not drink it if I can't drink it this way.

          1. Black French press coffee at home, with a little cardamom or cinnamon ground in with the beans if I'm getting to the bottom of the bag and the flavor needs a boost. I I'm somewhere with good espresso drinks, lattes. Cream if it's bad truck stop coffee, but if it's to the point where it needs sugar I'll usually skip it altogether.

            1. I roast my own (currently alternating between a blend of barely City roast Colombian Excelso 50/50 with Full City+ Monsoon aged Malabar beans and a blend of Full City Sumatra Mandheling and Full City late harvest Ethiopian Yirgacheffe) and that always is consumed black. Diner coffee gets cream.

              1. I microwave a mug of low-fat milk until hot, and almost the same amount of freshly brewed espresso. This mug of cafe au lait gets me through the day!

                1. Strong coffee with skim milk and a dash of plain soymilk. I like it medium-light, but never sweet (unlike tea, which gets milk and Splenda).

                  1. as dark of a roast as i can get, black. or a double-shot of espresso with a smidge of whole cream.

                    1. black,hot, strong.........unless it is iced,

                      1. I drink espresso - 4 shots - black. none of that charbucks *r@p

                        1. I like mine sweet with just enough cream to make it medium brown in color. I like sugar, none of that artificial crap. I also enjoy flavored coffee beans and flavored creamers when the coffee is strong. Might seem like I'm trying to drown out the coffee flavor, but that exactly what I'm trying to avoid by making the coffee strong. I like it sweet with a strong coffee flavor behind the sweetness.

                          1. I'm a black-coffee girl, but it can depend some on my mood. If I want coffee for coffee - and it's good - I drink it black. Nothing like a great cup of black coffee.

                            But sometimes, if I want dessert and am not eating it (blood sugar issues), then I will make my coffee my dessert and add cream or milk and some artificial sweetener.

                            One of my latest favorite ways for feeling like I'm really getting a treat (this is at home) - I add some sugar-free amaretto syrup. Now that's good!

                            1. One of two ways: either black and with a half a teaspoon of sugar, or with a little less sugar and a teaspoon or so of whole milk, depending on my mood. I've been trying to switch to the milk instead of the sugar (better for my teeth), but I just like it better black and with sugar.

                              1. Black as hell and sweet as sin. Yeah, baby.

                                1. just with skim milk - unless I've just finished a heavy meal, in which case I like it black

                                  1. Black, the way God intended. When I was a teenager and wanted to drink coffee my Mom would only allow it if I drank it black. She told me "Life is a lot simpler if you drink your coffee black." and it was great advice.

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                                      When I was about 14, I started trying to drink coffee. My parents were friends with the parents of one of my best friends, and we spent lots of evenings over there. I was the only one (besides the "little kids") who didn't drink coffee. When I was younger, I was never allowed to drink coffee, and my friend always was. It was exciting that my mom was finally going to let me drink some (this was long before the age of decent decaf, too.)

                                      So I started putting 1/2 milk, 1/2 coffee, and tons of sugar. I gradually decreased everything and started drinking it - and loving it - black. My friend & her parents couldn't believe it -- none of them drank theirs without cream & sugar!

                                      I've been a black coffee girl ever since.

                                    2. Milk, no sugar, decaf coffee that's "roasty toasty" :} I have to drink decaf for health reasons and thankfully I've found many brands besides starbucks that has good flavor.
                                      I've tried different flavors of coffeemate and personally find them undrinkable. Same goes for artificial sweetner- but I think it's because I've stopped drinking diet soda and so I can detect an aftertaste that I didn't used to.
                                      Coffee I stay away from: Dunkin Donuts. (also for some reason no matter what branch I go to, when I ask for very little milk they pour in a gallon!)

                                      1. At home I use a french press, or occasionally a percolator. I drink it black unless I have a little cream or half-and-half left over from a recipe that I need to use up. Out if I'm not at an espresso place I will put cream in coffee if they have the real stuff. I can't quite stomach powdered "whitener" or even liquid artificial stuff. Chemicals. Yeecch.

                                        I don't like sugar in it. Don't sweeten my coffee, or my tea. (I was born in Oklahoma, but I'm apparently an aberration--or maybe an abomination--there because I don't like sweet tea.)

                                        1. Black or sometimes with Baileys

                                          1. With half-and-half and (very moderate) sugar, milk and sugar (sometimes for iced), black with sugar, and black without sugar - depends on type of coffee, whether hot or cold, and mood. Skim milk, lightener and artificial sweetener (the latter in anything), are awful to my taste though if it gets to the point of drinking something for caffeine alone, I can drink anything - just let it cool enough to drink fast enough not to taste it. (lol)

                                            1. At home, with goat's milk (I'm lactose intolerant) and a teaspoon of sugar. Out, black or just a little sugar.

                                              1. strong, black, cold and sweet.

                                                1. if it's not black, it's not coffee

                                                  1. Home ground, french press, Yirgacheffe is my fav. Lately adding soy milk instead of cow milk and splenda.

                                                    My treat is a soy vanilla latte at my favorite local coffee house in Petaluma CA

                                                    1. Must be a South Florida thing (and I'm not even latin) but I like it med to very light. No milk please - "real' coffeemate or 1/2 & 1/2 at the very minimum. 1 tsp of real sugar only. No crummy syrups or artificial sweetners. I also like a non-fat cafe latte.

                                                      Like others have said, if I can't have my coffee this way, then I don't want it at all.

                                                      1. christmas time with egg nog

                                                        anyother time: extremely hot with vanilla soy

                                                        1. I take mine black 99.9% of the time. The other .1% is when I'm having coffee with desert after a rather heady meal and I'll add a bit of cream and sugar.

                                                          1. I'm somewhat flexible in how I drink it, ranging from a bit of lowfat milk to half-and-half, and no sugar. My coffee taste changed radically after final exams many years ago, when, in a single night, I drank 35 cups of coffee, starting w/light and two sugars, and ending w/black and no sugar. Don't ask how I did....but I am still drinking coffee (strong stomach!).

                                                            1. Depends. At home usually black, sometimes a spoonful of maple syrup. Vanilla rice milk and Trader Joes organic cocoa mix if I'm getting wild and crazy.

                                                              Don't usually drink coffee out. Why pay the same amount of money for 3 cups of iffy coffee as for a pound of decent beans?

                                                              1. Anywhere from black and thick to au lait. I sweeten it only if I've also added dairy. A great cup really has to be black though.

                                                                1. Hot. Black and Strong.....if espresso w/ a twist of lemon rind!

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                                                                    fascinating... I've never thought of that. Does it add flavor or is it a gestalt thing?

                                                                    1. re: amkirkland

                                                                      I'm not sure what gestalt means but...I think the twist of lemon rind cuts the bitterness.

                                                                      1. re: bolivianita

                                                                        sorry, that was a poor thing to say on my part. it's the "whole is better than the sum of it's parts concept"

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                                                                          That it does......it's the oil from the rind

                                                                    2. must be gestalt....I am hooked!

                                                                      1. Ever try Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's Vanilla drink powder? I like it occasionally, 9.50$ a container. Fattening and full of sugar but, oh so yummy. Most of the time -N.F. 1/2 and 1/2 w very strong french pressed beans! Every morning and evening! :)KQ

                                                                        1. Strong latte made with a Bialetti, soy milk boiled on stove top and a spoonful of honey. Leaves a lot to clean, but a worthwhile ritual.

                                                                          After meals, an occasional espresso with a drop of cream hits the spot!

                                                                          1. I like mine strong and black partial to the burnt taste of French Roast except when I am sick---then it is sweetened with cane sugar and warmed milk.

                                                                            1. In any form I can-- whether with milk, cream, or not. By itself or as an added dimension to another food/drink.