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Feb 11, 2007 03:54 PM

Cooking soyrizo

After wussing out of buying cheap chorizo in the grocery store after reading the ingredients list (who knew they actually had to list "salivary glands?") I've warmed up quite a bit to soyrizo. I usually just scramble it with eggs, but I always feel kind of weird about how it ends up - just sort of mushy, no real texture to it. Is there a way to cook it until it's crumbly? It's okay now, but I sense that with better technique, it could be better. Sugestions?

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  1. Hey - I always scramble the soyrizo alone in a little olive oil and it usually gets good and crispy...then add the eggs.

    I warmed up to soyrizo after a friend said "All the flavor and none of the salivary glands!" Off your question, but I also add it, cooked this way, to white beans...either I batch I had time to make or good quality canned - quick tasty cheapish, healthy dish. I also add it, not cooked at all, to ground turkey to grill a pretty tasty burger...especially topped with roasted hatch chiles and queso oaxaca.

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    1. I really like this soyrizo. I have some in the fridge right now. My primary use for it is for Chicken tinga. - which is one of my favorite Mexican dishes. It is amazing the depth the chorizo adds to this dish as it is the only other ingredient other than tomato, chipotle, onions and garlic. I have also used in a black bean soup.

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          I think the key is not to think of it as a replacement, but just an entirely different food. Soyrizo is pretty delicious with eggs. It's not chorizo and eggs, but it's still pretty good (and a good amount healthier, let alone not so squicky on the gland content).

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            If you don't want all the nasty bits but still want real chorizo, try Neiman Ranch. I haven't but maybe you guys can tell everyone else if it's any good. Click on the foto.