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Feb 11, 2007 03:53 PM

Must have KimChi & Korean BBQ! La Canada

I am pregnant and the baby is really into kim chi! We had dinner last night at Daban (2139 Foothill Blvd.) The food and service were great. We had the marinated short rib, the shrimp, and the seafood pancake. The sides were delicious. And they were very welcoming of our kids, although it isn't a "kid restaurant". We were the only non-Korean faces there, which always seems like a good sign! Has anyone else been there? Any other BBQ restaurants you'd recommend? The baby must have it!

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  1. ka-san located on foothill blvd. in la crescenta is excellent. all around good food. I personally like it better than da-ban.

    1. Thanks! I'm looking forward to trying it. Anything in particular that you recommend?

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        Ka-San has a spicy seafood stew (haemul tang) that is out of this world -- but be warned, if you ask for it "Korean spicy" the tears will leap screaming from your eyes!

      2. the spicy pork is good, the sides are DELICIOUS (waaay better than daban in my opinion). All the stews/soups are really good too (esp. the black cod stew). they also give u the rice paper (dduk bo sam) and thin radish sheets to wrap the meat in. if they forget to give it to u, just ask for "dduk bo sam." yummy!! this place is so much better than many korean restaurants even in koreatown. I'm korean and many of my local korean friends agree.

        1. Thank you all! Can't wait to get there!

          1. The soups at Ka-San on Foothill Blvd. are great. The BBQ is not really the same kind of dish as at, say, Soot Bull Jeep. But it's a hell of a lot closer to this side of town ('specially around rush hour). It strikes me as subtly ironic that the restaurant kitchen's door abuts a pet shop ;-)