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Feb 11, 2007 03:31 PM

How to Serve...Peking Duck

In our town there's a great Chinese area containing several good grocery stores. One of them has recently started carrying Peking Duck and I plan to get one soon. My question is how is this served? In other words do I just slice and eat it with some rice or perhaps make some Mandarin pancakes? Any suggestions are welcome.


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  1. You could do a traditional 3 course peking duck dinner:

    1) the skin with pancakes, scallions & sauce
    2) stir fried meat with noodles
    3) duck soup

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      I agree with Gini's suggestion, but want to add that if you were only going to do 1 of those courses, Gini's #1 is what I would go with -- it's so delicious that way, and you can serve the whole duck in the panckes if you want. They sell two types of pancakes, the ones you see in Mushu (sp?) pork, and these little fluffy ones. Both are good, the fluffy ones are a little more exotic -- less like a torilla, anyway. And I would definitely use a peking duck sauce (not the same as duck sauce... more like hoisin sauce).

    2. In the SF Bay Area the duck that is most often in store windows is a Cantonese roast duck with a wet marinade in the cavity. ( Make sure you ask for some of this duck "juice" if indeed this is the type of duck they have ) Peking Duck is normally only sold at restaurants where it is served right out of the oven. The crispness of the skin is something that wouldn't hold up too well for hours in some store window. The above ideas about serving Peking Duck in three courses is a great way to go if it indeed is Peking Duck. Buy it whole and pop it in the oven to re-crisp the skin ..... before carving it up.

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        Another trick would be to do a slight imitation of the original Peking Duck proccess, Get some hot oil & ladle it a few times over the outside of the duck before slicing it up. Try to keep the duck vertical so that the oil can run off of it and not soak in, making the skin soggy. That'll crisp that bad boy right up!