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Feb 11, 2007 02:46 PM

Cru, Gotham, Bouley, Gramercy Tavern

Greetings all,

Looking for fantastic food, excellent wine, great atmosphere for our last night in NYC. I've narrowed it down to Cru, Gotham, Bouley, or Gramercy? What do you think Chowhounds?


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  1. Of your 4 options, I've only been to Gotham and Bouley and I much preferred Gotham (in terms of less stuffy service, and food) Although exquistely prepared, nothing really wowed me at Bouley. To me, the most impressive thing at Bouley is their apple "cellar" as you walk in the door. Gotham was fantastic - grand, yet elegant decor, attentive service, delicious food. It is very NYC. Although, if I could throw in a suggestion - Blue Hill is my absolute favorite. Understated, with fresh from the farm delicious produce and meat. The lamb was the best meat I've ever had. Wherever you choose - enjoy!!

    1. I've been to Cru and Gramercy. I would say Cru. Food was better and ambiance I found nicer. Why don't you do drinks at Gramercy and then cab it or walk to Cru. Best of both worlds!

      1. i have to say that gotham really wowed me. the food is that good and the chef is remarkable. i also liked the atmosphere and the service was first-class. it wasn't stuffy either. i had a pasta dish and some tuna tartare as the app and was just delighted.

        1. Thx for the feedback - been to Gotham (years ago - 4 or 5) and LOVED it! However, we don't want to get "stuck" with the same unless it's the best. Cru's menu (food & wine) looks really wonderful, so we're leaning toward Cru. I like the idea of drinks at Gramercy and then dinner at Cru!

          Thx all!

          1. Can't go wrong with Cru, Bouley, or Gotham, and Gramercy Tavern isn't too shabby either. I'd go to Cru, Gotham, Bouley, and Gramercy, in that order, but it depends a lot on what kind of setting I want, since those restaurants are all pretty different.