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Feb 11, 2007 02:38 PM

Caffe Calabria - Pizzeria

I had yesterday time for a fast breakfast at Cafe Calabria and was surprised to see that they are currently building a woodfired pizza oven. It looks like that Caffe Calabria is becoming also a pizzeria. If the quality of their coffee and paninis is a hint on what to expect for their pizza - I expect some of the best in SD. I also hope that they will change their business times now.

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  1. I heard some inside info about it, and apparently they are taking the pizza very seriously. They've been traveling around to try various high-end pizzas. And yes, that will mean longer business hours. I, too, am looking forward to when this all happens.

    1. Caffe Calabria open in the evening would be heaven. Good pizza for dinner with a shot of truly excellent espresso, wifi on the house? It's a student's dream come true!

      Next thing you'll tell me they are starting their own brewpub...

      From what I know after a couple of chats of the owner in the past, the cafe is a real labor of love. I don't think they have turned a profit on that end of the business (roasting coffee is more profitable), but he really wants to show San Diego what coffee ought to taste like. I imagine the pizza will be Italian-influenced and exceptional as well.

      Any solid facts on when this is happening?

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        I don't know when it will start but the pizza oven was finished and they started burning wood.
        Regarding your brewpub: According to their webpage they also serve beer from Balast Point now.

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          Actually, I knew about that.
          But seriously, they have plenty of room in their coffee-roasting area. They could install a 5 barrel brewery... ;-)

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