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Best Mac' n Cheese?

Looking for suggestions.

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  1. Artisanal Fromagerie & Bistro - a playground for fans of cheese, with Mac' n Cheese to die for

    1. Tons of recent threads on this topic ... a quick search should turn them up.

      1. IMHO the best Mac & Cheese is made by following the recipe in Kitchen Primer by Craig Clairborne, Portland House pub, 1969 pages 75-76

        1. I still think the best I've had in Manhattan is at Eatery. I wouldn't go there for much else (their sister restaurant Whym is much better), but for macaroni and cheese, Eatery's got my vote. S'mac is fine, but nothing outstanding.


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          1. Cafeteria on West 17th St. and 7th Ave.

            The mac and cheese is all you see at every table at this 24 hour eatery - when you ask for it with the works it comes with truffle oil and panncetta. the cheese is perfectly crusty against the sides of the baking dish and the mixture of cheeses in the dish are robustly flavored and perfectly melted.

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              I just had the mac and cheese and cafeteria the other day and it's pretty darn good.
              However, I agree w/ Nosher. Eatery's mac and cheese is even better! I remember them serving crispy onion shreds on top.

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                Is this the same Cafeteria as on the UWS?

              2. I'll 3rd Cafeteria's mac, but disagree on Eatery's. While it was good and the onions are nice, the cheese combination isnt as good as Cafeterias.

                The recent threads on the topic:

                1. Blue Smoke's is perfect because you get both the creamy lusciousness of a fabulous cheese sauce and the texture of the the crusty top and perfectly cooked elbows. The blend of cheeses they use has that twang that is so neccessary in a good mac and cheese. I am not a fan of their BBQ, but their sides---especially---the mac and cheese and fry bread are to die for.

                  I found cafeteria's mac and cheese pretty bland. If I recall correctly they use a mix of fontina and another cheese and I found it rather dry.

                  Freeman's mac and cheese is good if you like your mac and cheese straight up (basically just cheddar and noodles) and on the dryer side. Nice bread crumb topping that is brownded nicely.

                  Have heard bad things about S'MAC

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                    I think S'Mac is terrific (large noodles, thick..not runny cheese) and Blue Smoke is not good (small noodles, soupy sauce).

                    Seems that Mac+Cheese tastes polarize around these two consistencies ("spoon mac" and "fork mac").

                  2. If you like your mac and cheese on the sharp side, try Five Points. Also, Gonzo has a great pasta called Penne Gratin which is prepared with parmigiano-reggiano. It is great.

                    1. I like Blue Smoke & Artisanal.

                      1. Waldy's on Sixth Ave and 26th (I think) makes an excellent penne with roquefort sauce. It's very rich and probably the sharpest M&C-like dish anyone makes in the city. Worth a try if you like that type of cheese.

                        1. City Bakery on 18th Street btw. 5/6th aves or Deborah on Carmine

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                            I agree -- City Bakery is really good!!

                          2. try Westville on w10th or their just opened new spot on Ave 1/11th st.
                            s'mac is over-rated. where is the eatery?

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                              Eatery is on the southeast corner of Ninth Ave and 53rd Street.

                            2. leZie on 7th avenue has Excellent macNcheese. I just ate at Artisanal again and the mac n cheese is good but not as good as leZie which adds truffles an is delicious. For the money Le Zie is an excellent choice. If you have not been to this chelsea mainstay then you must give it a try. I haven't been to Cafeteria yet, but will give it a try after reading the credits onthis forum..

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                                I had the mac and cheese at Le Zie once, and neither I nor my dining partner could taste any truffle in it. Just for reference, it's the baked, non-cheesy/creamy kind (I prefer the messy kind). I'll have to try Cafeteria next.

                              2. I think S'Mac is great. They make your mac & cheese creation to order however you like. I am going to try Artisanal this week, I am looking forward to it. I have had Blue Smoke and dont remember being too impressed. I also agree Cafeteria is good. I grew up near South Beach and that was my go to for mac and cheese down there.

                                I also read about a $55 white truffle mac & cheese at the waverly. I need to check that out.

                                1. The "Dumac n Cheese" at Dumont in Williamsburg is good. Not sure how it stands up to the other places mentioned above...

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                                    Just had this last night at Dumont. Seriously excellent Mac and Cheese indeed. Worthy of a trip to Williamsburg.