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Feb 11, 2007 02:28 PM

No 9 Park and Toro Recommendations?

I'll be going to Toro next Friday as a pre-theater dinner and Number 9 Park on Saturday to celebrate getting into law schoo. I was wondering if people had any particular recommendations for dishes to order at either restaurant. Also, does anyone have particular wine recommendations by the glass at Toro? Finally, what time should I get to Toro to get a table for two without having to wait on Friday?

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  1. My favorite dishes at Toro are the cod fritters, the corn, the pan con tamate and the serrano ham. I usually drink the rose cava when I'm there. I actually haven't ever had to wait too long at Toro, though often I end up sitting at the bar there (which I prefer). I have typically arrived there before 7.

    1. I'll second all of Lissy's recommendation and add a few of my own: boquerones (white anchovies), beef short rib, mini-burgers, and double down on the corn! If you have room for dessert the churro with spicy dipping chocolate is great.


      1. Everything I've ever had at No.9 has been astonishingly good. Order whatever strikes you, or throw yourself at the mercy of your server; you will be well taken care of in any case. I will say that the truffled gnocchi w/ lobster sticks in the mind. Enjoy indeed.

        1. I'd recommend the tasting menu at No. 9--that's where it shines. The regular menu is good, but given the price point, can be a little uneven. The pastas are generally excellent. I do prefer the gnocchi with lobster. Others rave about the prune gnocchi; I didn't flip for it.

          1. Toro rec's have been excellent, so no need to add to them. No. 9 will usually do a pasta tasting appetizer, where they will have 3-4 different types of pasta> Well worth the try in my book.